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The 10 Best Bars For a Night Out In Edmonton (Ranked)

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Edmonton is home to a nightlife filled with excitement and great activities, but sometimes it’s nice just to hit up a bar and have a couple of drinks while listening to good music. The following lists contain our picks for the best 10 bars in Edmonton that you should check out.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to get great drinks in Edmonton City, you’ll be delighted to know that your options aren’t wearing thin. The city has some of the best bars, restaurants, and so on. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a wine bar, whisky bar, or cocktail bar along downtown Edmonton, Jasper Avenue, or the Edmonton City center. There’s always something around town.

So without further ado, her are some notable bars around Edmonton.

1. Home And Away Bar

Home And Away Bar

Opening only a few months ago, the Home And Away Bar is fantastic if you are a sports fan, as the whole theme of the establishment centers around sporting events. There’s a lot to love about the Home And Away Bar between the variety of drinks, creative dishes on the menu, music, and arcade games that you can indulge in.

If you’re looking for a bar with good nightclub energy, this spot will be the best place to spend two or three hours on any night! 

Address: 10363 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1B9, Canada

Phone: +1 587-521-1911


2. Three Vikings

Three Vikings

The Three Vikings is a pub that brings a unique experience with its Danish Viking theme you probably won’t find anywhere else in Edmonton. This alone already makes it a standout choice for bars, but the hearty food and beverages are so good that they can even overshadow the lovely décor.

Many people rave about the garlic fries, hot pretzels, and balsamic brussels sprouts, so definitely consider giving one of those three a try if you visit. Also, check out their reasonably extensive selection of craft beer.

Address: 10713 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H2, Canada

Phone: +1 780-249-6302


3. Craft Beer Market

Craft Beer Market

Suppose you’re looking for a place with a large selection of draft beers. In that case, the Craft Beer Market features the most extensive selection in Canada. It’s the go-to spot for anyone that considers themselves a true beer lover, though even if you only drink beer periodically, the whole atmosphere of the market is worth experiencing.

The food is also high quality, making it an excellent place for dinner in a laidback environment. Because the Craft Beer Market is such a hotspot, there usually are lots of people and loud music, so make a note of that before you go.

Address: 10013 101A Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 0C3, Canada

Phone: +1 780-424-2337


4. Bar Clementine

Bar Clementine

Bar Clementine is another top bar in all of Edmonton, so we had to include it on the list. However, its reputation is not just for show because it’s unmatched in the wines and cocktails department. It does not have as extensive a list of beer options as other bars due to its focus on other areas, but you can still get many excellent beers and ciders.

One thing to note about this location is that it’s only open Tuesday-Thursday from 5-11 and Friday-Saturday from 5-12. This makes it only accessible during the later hours of the day, but that won’t be an issue if you’re specifically looking for bars to visit at night.

Address: 11957 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 0P1, Canada

Phone: +1 780-756-4570


5. Red Star Pub

Red Star Pub

If you want a more casual Irish bar experience, check out the Red Star Pub, as it’s got a décor that’ll leave you feeling right at home the moment you enter. One of the best parts about this bar is that it features a DJ and frequently has live bands come and perform.

This does mean that it can get quite crowded later on in the night, yet you can still have a quiet drinking experience if you go a little earlier in the evening or on a night when there are no live performances.

Address: 10534 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 2A3, Canada

Phone: +1 780-428-0825


6. The Pint

The Pint

The Pint is a great bar on Whyte Avenue to go to if you’re a sports fan looking to watch the game while enjoying a good drink. There are often specials going on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and these can sometimes get you up to 50% off on certain things like their 50 Flavour Menu.

They’ve also got a solid selection of domestic, craft, import, local, and house beers. On top of all that, The Pint is a fantastic location for booking events, be it fundraisers, office, graduation, or holiday parties, so definitely consider it a potential venue for any future events you may want to host.

Address: 8032 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4E2, Canada

Phone: +1 780-758-7400


7. The Black Dog Freehouse

The Black Dog Freehouse

The Black Dog Freehouse is home to weekly DJs, live music, and events and has a lower section called The Underdog. Here you can experience a more intimate and relaxing atmosphere while having access to a large screen HDTV, surround sound stereo system, and a full-service bar.

There are on-tap options for beverages, domestic bottles, import bottles and cans, premium bottles and cans, and ciders and coolers. There’s more than enough variety between these options to go around, and you’ll no doubt find a few drinks that tickle your taste buds.

Address: 10425 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A1, Canada

Phone: +1 780-439-1082


8. The NEXT Act

The NEXT Act

The NEXT Act has been serving people in Edmonton for the past 25 years with its outstanding burgers and beverages that you won’t find anywhere else. The commitment to local craft beer separates this particular pub from many others.

The food at The NEXT Act rivals the drinks in both options and quality, so you get the best of both here. There are delicious cocktails & ciders on tap, not on tap, and boozy drinks. There is also an excellent roster of non-alcoholic beverages like craft cola and ginger beer if you have any kids you decide to bring.

Address: 10425 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A1, Canada

Phone: +1 780-439-1082


9. The Cask And Barrel

The Cask And Barrel

The Cask And Barrel is a great place to have a casual meetup with a group of friends. It has a lovely arrangement of outdoor seating that matches the generally upbeat atmosphere that it strives for. And at night, that atmosphere gets turned up a notch if a band is playing.

Here you can get whiskey, beer, and wine from all across the world. Numerous dishes are tailor-made for sharing with friends, making this a great spot if you’ve got a large entourage to go along with you.

Address: 10041 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y7, Canada

Phone: +1 780-498-1224


10. Woodwork


Hence the name, Woodwork serves a nice variety of wood-aged spirits that make for a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. The atmosphere at this bar is laidback with a classy twist from its vibrant décor that comes to life at night, and it features a wide range of bar snacks, small plates, main courses, and desserts that all have a beautiful presentation.

Woodwork also offers events for large party reservations and complete book-outs based on the style of the event. The former permits 8-12 guests while the latter allows 20-60 guests.

Address: 10132 100 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0N8, Canada

Phone: +1 780-757-4100


Other Notable Mentions

  • Bar Bricco
  • Tzin Wine
  • Kelly’s Pub
  • Mona Lisa Pub
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