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The 10 Best Criminal Lawyers in Edmonton [Updated]

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Getting in trouble with the law is one of the scariest things that can happen to you. However, it’s even more frightening if you’re the one at fault and you don’t know what to do next. A criminal lawyer will help you figure out the details and ensure that the courts serve justice.

Dealing with or against a criminal offence case like sexual assault, domestic assault, or any other cases that could result in a criminal conviction or criminal record can be a messy ordeal. That’s why it’s best to work with criminal lawyers. These professionals can help protect your best interests and provide the best possible outcome for you.

So if you’re dealing with criminal cases and need an experienced criminal lawyer, you’re better off finding someone in Edmonton or the surrounding areas. Fortunately, there are definitely many criminal lawyers that provide excellent legal services. Here are 10 of Edmonton’s best lawyers.

1. Liberty Law, LLP

Liberty Law, LLP

Liberty Law is one of Edmonton’s most prestigious law firms and focuses entirely on criminal law. With four full-time partners, this firm makes sure that each client gets the full use of their extensive law knowledge and decades of experience. 

Criminal law is all about knowing your rights and ensuring that the courts, police or prosecutors don’t take advantage of those rights. Liberty Law will do its best to get you there, whether that’s with a deal or fighting the charges in court. 

Address: 300 Maclean Block, 10110 – 107 St., Edmonton, AB

Phone: +1 780-784-7500

Website: libertylaw.ca

2. Bottos Law Group

Bottos Law Group

Bottos Law Group is another law firm focusing solely on criminal justice. Although they help with any kind of infraction, their partners specialize in domestic violence, assault, DUIs, impaired driving, theft and fraud. 

All four licensed partners have won multiple cases over the years of the firm being open. In addition, they serve more areas than just Edmonton. Bottos Law Group can help anywhere in Northern Alberta. 

Address: 4th Floor, 10226 104 St. NW., Edmonton, AB, T5J 1B8

Phone: +1 780-421-7001

Website: bottoslaw.ca

3. Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

Oykhman Criminal Defence is a nationwide law company that’s been a presence in Edmonton for over a decade. With the resources of dozens of lawyers and decades of experience, every Oykhman lawyer starts a case confidently and personally. 

Oykhman seems like a large, impersonal firm, but the lawyers are anything but. They can take each case personally and talk through specific situations with clients, which makes them one of the strongest defence lawyers in Canada. 

Address: Suite 410, 9707 110 St. NW., Edmonton, AB, T5K 2L9

Phone: ​​+1 587-930-7877

Website: oykhmancriminaldefence.com

4. Edmonton Criminal Lawyer Ziv

Edmonton Criminal Lawyer Ziv

Rory Ziv is the owner and lawyer behind the Ziv law firm in downtown Edmonton. Although it’s a small business with one lawyer, a legal assistant and several other employees, the Ziv company’s win record is remarkably high. 

Ziv assists in any legal case but specializes in serious violence, assault, drug and financial cases. In each of these categories, he has an impressive record of getting his clients off the hook or relieving their sentences because of his court work. 

Address: 780, 10150 – 100 St., Edmonton, AB, T5J 0P6

Phone: ​​+1 780-686-7948

Website: edmontoncriminallawyerziv.com

5. Pringle Chivers Sparks Teskey

Pringle Chivers Sparks Teskey

Like many law firms, Pringle Chivers Sparks Teskey is named after its four main partners. These lawyers have years of experience in every aspect of criminal law, from newly-arrested clients to appealing years-old cases. 

In addition to excellent reviews, a high win record and lots of experience, this law firm offers a more thorough learning process for its clients. You can sign up for a free consultation, which will pair you with a real lawyer and discuss the details of your case. 

Address: 300 – 10150 100 St. NW., Edmonton, AB, T5J 0P6

Phone: ​​​​+1 587-400-6976

Website: pringlelaw.ca

6. MD Criminal Defence

MD Criminal Defence

MD Law Group has three main sections — real estate, family and criminal law. If you choose MD Criminal Defence as your criminal lawyer, you’ll be getting an expert who was hired specifically to help in cases like yours. 

Like several other law firms on this list, MD Criminal Defence offers newly incarcerated customers a 30-minute free consultation. After that, if you decide that MD is the way to go, they’ll assign you a lawyer with experience on both sides of the court. 

Address: Sunlife Place 820, 10123 99 St., Edmonton, AB, T5J 3H1

Phone: ​​​​+1 825-535-5765

Website: mdcriminaldefence.ca

7. Gunn Family and Criminal Law

Gunn Family and Criminal Law

Gunn Family and Criminal Law have experience as prosecutors and defence attorneys, so they will be able to help you create the best possible stand for yourself in court. With decades of experience and several lawyers on hand, this long-standing firm is here for you. 

In addition to multiple types of criminal and family law specialties, the Gunn firm offers mediation specialists. If you can avoid going to court at all, that may not be a bad thing. Settling out of court can save time, energy and money if it’s possible. 

Address: 11210 – 142 St., Edmonton, AB, T5M 1T9

Phone: ​​​​+1 780-488-4460

Website: gunnlawgroup.ca

8. Stuffco Law

Stuffco Law

Stuffco Law is run by a father and son team who both have a passion for truth and justice. For over forty years, this law firm has helped Alberta and Edmonton citizens with cases ranging from bail bonds to assault and murder. 

Stuffco Law is a boutique law firm, so it won’t be the least expensive on this list. However, it’s small enough to be one of the most personalized and offer you some of the best legal advice you’ll find in Edmonton. 

Address: 9844 – 106 St., Edmonton, AB, T5K 1B8

Phone: ​​​​+1 780-761-1430

Website: stuffcolaw.com

9. Dunlap Criminal Defence Lawyer

Dunlap Criminal Defence Lawyer

Dunlap Criminal Defence Lawyer offers several free services, from a free consultation to reduced fees with proven income. Timothy Dunlap boasts a 98% success rate over the almost 30 years he’s been in the criminal defence business. 

Dunlap commonly works with DUI charges and has several tips for those recently charged. Because of Alberta’s new law, it’s crucial to pick a defence lawyer within a week, and Dunlap is one of the most experienced in the country.

Address: 10117 Jasper Ave. #610, Edmonton, AB, T5J 1W8

Phone: ​​​​+1 780-428-2267

Website: dunlapcriminaldefencelawyer.com

10. Chadi and Company

Chadi and Company

Chadi and Company might be the most well-rounded firm on this list, with specialties like injury, real estate and family law in addition to criminal defence. However, the most important (for us at least) portion of the firm is its defence. 

Chadi and Company have over 30 years of experience in criminal defence law. They offer free consultations and emphasize privacy and respect. As experienced lawyers, they know how difficult a criminal charge is and want to make the situation as easy as possible. 

Address: 9707 Franklin Ave., Fort McMurray, AB, T9H 2K1

Phone: ​​​​+1 780-429-2300

Website: chadilaw.com

Final Thoughts

Whichever of these lawyers or firms you end up choosing, know that you’re in good hands with these experienced law professionals. Each firm will do its best to ensure that you can continue living life without a conviction hanging over you and that you can put the experience behind you. 


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