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Top 10 Carpet Cleaners in Winnipeg (2024 Rankings)

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Living in Winnipeg, you will find no shortage of people waiting to serve you. The whole town is friendly, kind, and helpful. That especially shows in commercial cleaning business.

If you spilled a little red wine on your rug, your dog made a smelly stain in the living room, or one of your kids played on the sofa after running through a mudhole outside, you’ll find a wide variety of carpet and upholstery services in the area. 

Do you need commercial carpet cleaning services? Here are the top 10 carpet cleaners for Winnipeg’s homes, offices, and spaces as of 2024.

1. Superior Chem-Dry

Superior Chem-Dry

Superior Chem-Dry offers a much more convenient alternative to carpet cleaning. With their non-toxic formula of hot carbonating mineral water solution, they get your carpets cleaner than traditional services, and they do not have to use gallons of water. That means you will be back on your carpets within 1-2 hours of cleaning.

In addition to carpet cleaning that removes over 98% of allergens, Superior Chem-Dry also performs these services:

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pet odor removal
  • Wood floor cleaning
  • Fiber protection
  • Granite countertop cleaning service

Address: 307 Archibald St Unit 3–Winnipeg, MB R2J 0W6, Canada

Phone: +1 204-284-0399


2. Winnipeg Carpet Cleaning

Winnipeg Carpet Cleaning

Winnipeg Carpet Cleaning offers residential and commercial services that will leave your home or business looking cleaner and brighter. You will improve the look and feel of your home, enjoy fresher air without a chemical smell, and extend the life of your carpet and floors.

Carpets and rugs

Their services will not only prevent the early deterioration of your carpets, but it will remove many of the airborne particles that cause allergy irritation, such as dust and pet dander. They can reduce damage to your floors with our quick dry times. Usually, your carpet will be half-dry before our technicians even leave.


We live our lives getting up and down from our couches and chairs. Over time, the fibers of that furniture will gather the oils and dirt from our bodies. Winnipeg Carpet Cleaning’s professional furniture cleaning services will keep your upholstery looking new.

Address: 145 Middle Gate–Winnipeg, MB R3C 2C8, Canada

Phone: +1 888-875-9111


3. Enviro-Steem Carpet, Upholstery, and Duct Cleaning


Enviro-Steem is a family-owned and operated business that has been in Winnipeg for a quarter-century. In that time, they have used their non-toxic cleaning techniques and solutions to get homes cleaner. At the same time, they pride themselves on making as little of an environmental impact as possible.

They not only clean your carpets and upholstery better than the competition, but they also specialize in:

  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Power brush duct cleaning
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning

Address: 40-601 Bowman Ave–Winnipeg, MB R2K 1P7, Canada

Phone: +1 204-788-0870


4. Clark Cleaning

Clark Cleaning

Offering 24/7 commercial and janitorial services, as well as residential carpet and upholstery cleaning, have made Clark Cleaning a big name in Winnipeg. In addition to routine services, Clark Cleaning can respond to emergencies within minutes. 

Have you ever had an accident with one of these and wondered how you were going to get the stain out?

  • Glue
  • Coffee
  • Lipstick
  • Wine
  • Tar
  • Ballpoint pens

They’ll respond quickly. And usually, by the time they’re done, you won’t even be able to see that stain. Give them a call today!

Address: 726 McCalman Ave–Winnipeg, MB R2L 1G7, Canada

Phone: +1 204-794-1701


5. Furat Cleaning Systems

Furat Cleaning Systems

For ten years, Furat Cleaning Systems has been offering commercial and residential carpet cleaning to the people of Winnipeg, and they have a lot of happy customers to show for it. They have an effective and environmentally safe way to keep your home or business looking bright and smelling fresh. In addition to carpets and upholstery, they offer office floor cleaning.

Office cleaning

Your office floors have a lot of foot traffic. Furat Cleaning Systems offers a sustainable service that will extend the life of your office’s carpet and floors. It will also keep your office looking tidy and professional for your clients.

Floor Cleaning Service

We don’t just do carpets. If you need work done on your vinyl flooring, tile, and grout, waxing regularly, call them today.

Address: 1460 Chevrier Blvd #200, Winnipeg, MB R3T 1Y6, Canada

Phone: +1 204-952-1488


6. The Carpet Medic

The Carpet Medic

The folks at The Carpet Medic call themselves the carpet experts. They are proud of the work they do around the Winnipeg area. They would love to make you a satisfied customer as well.

They clean carpets and rugs in homes and businesses. But they are much more than that. They’ll also take care of your upholstery, bring water-damaged carpet back to life, get rid of unwanted odors, and take care of your air-conditioning ducts as well. Your home will feel so much cleaner when the floors you walk on and the air you breath has been doctored by The Carpet Medic.

Address: Winnipeg MB R2M 2T3, Canada

Phone: +1 204-231-3542


7. Home Depot Cleaning Services

Home Depot Cleaning Services

Steam Dry Canada is a carpet and upholstery cleaning company that has been operating for twenty years throughout Canada. They have served over 200,000 satisfied customers. And now Steam Dry Canada is the official cleaning service for Home Depot.

They give the same carpet, upholstery, and duct cleaning that they became popular for as a smaller company, but now they have the brand power and resources of a retailer as big as Home Depot.

Address: 129 De Baets St, Winnipeg, MB R2J 3R9, Canada

Phone: +1 204-691-2773


8. Bannik Family Carpet Cleaning Service

Bannik Family Carpet Cleaning Service

This family-owned business was founded by immigrants from Ukraine. Their website claims that all of their work is 100% guaranteed of European quality.

The Bannik Family offers a wide range of services including:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Vinyl flooring cleaning
  • Much more!

Address: 1389 Ravelston Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R3W 1R2, Canada

Phone: +1 204-952-2511


9. Little Luxuries House & Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

Little Luxuries House & Carpet Cleaning Ltd.

Vacuuming is not enough when it comes to cleaning your home or office. Little Luxuries knows how to get the high-traffic areas of your home looking less worn. They use the best in healthy, green, and eco-friendly products to get your home feeling clean and looking bright. But Little Luxuries doesn’t stop their cleaning services with your carpets.


Your sinks and tubs will be scrubbed and disinfected, toilets cleaned, and the trash removed.

Living, dining, and bedrooms

They will dust the furniture, clean the walls, wipe down the baseboards, and take out the garbage.

Kitchen and extras

They’ll even clean your windows, walls, woodwork, blinds, and change the bedding. The exterior of the fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, and more!

Phone: +1 204-795-9835


10. Super Value Home Services

Super Value Home Services

Super Value was founded over thirty years ago. Since then they have been offering the best in carpet, upholstery, and furniture cleaning that the Manitoba area could ask for. But their services don’t stop in your living room.

They are a one-stop shop for almost any need you could have in your home. Duct cleaning, snow removal, cooling and heating services, and lawn maintenance are all in their catalog of offerings.

  • Same day service
  • 90,000 happy customers
  • Award-winning service
  • License and bonded

Address: 1485 Erin St–Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 2S9, Canada

Phone: +1 204-982-6930


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