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The 10 Best Furnace Repair Companies in Winnipeg [Updated]

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If you need a furnace repair in Winnipeg, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll review some of the top companies in this Canada region that provide repairs for heating, plumbing, and air conditioning so you can feel assured that you get quality services.

Keeping good air quality matters gravely for every home. And regular maintenance of your furnace plays a big factor in that. It doesn’t matter if you have a relatively new furnace or a new one. You should always have a furnace maintenance and repair company on speed dial.

You also want to be sure that you get the best service so your family doesn’t have to deal with the headaches of air conditioner, hot water tank, or furnace equipment malfunction. Here are furnace repair companies in the winnipeg area you can trust will aim for ultimate customer satisfaction and results.

1. Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating help if your furnace is acting abnormally. They can troubleshoot possible issues and repair them so your home can be warm and comfortable again. Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating provides multiple furnace services, like repair, maintenance, and installation. 

Their skilled and honest repairers are available 24 hours, seven days a week, responding and providing service quickly. Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating knows how to repair plenty of makes and models. You can schedule at your convenience with a flexible and professional team at whatever hour works for you. 

Address: 3390 Wilkes Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3S 1A8, Canada 

Phone: +1 204-813-7888


2. Tradesman Mechanical Services Ltd.

Tradesman Mechanical Services Ltd.

Tradesman Mechanical Services offers multiple air conditioning, electrical, and water heater repair services. They guarantee open communication and back their work with a one-year warranty. Their trained technicians will inspect the furnace, determine what’s wrong, and describe the repairs upon arrival. 

Additionally, they issue temporary heaters if they can’t replace the furnace immediately. The consultant will measure and evaluate your home before the replacement, encouraging you to take your time before deciding since a furnace is a huge aspect of your home. They can complete emergency services within a day or two, so you don’t have to go without comfort. 

Address: 975 Main St., Winnipeg, MB R2W 3P6, Canada

Phone: +1 431-222-1940


3. Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg: Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Lynn’s HVAC Winnipeg Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Winters in Canada are too long and cold to go without heating, but the good news is that Lynn’s HVAC services can help you with repairs or replacements. Lynn’s HVAC has over 30 years of experience in this industry, with licenced technicians who can replace all brands and models. 

They have insurance and bonds and support their services with warranties. They can help you pick the right type of furnace if you need a replacement and maintain current furnaces to prevent issues later. Lynn’s HVAC is highly efficient and understands the importance of a functioning heating system.  

Address: 885 Redonda St. Unit 7B Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Z2

Phone: +1 204-817-8698


4. Provincial Heating & Cooling Inc.  

Provincial Heating & Cooling Inc

Provincial Heating & Cooling supplies repairs, replacements, and maintenance for your furnace. This company places customer service at the top of their list, meeting your needs and staying within your budget with decades of experience. 

Provincial Heating & Cooling advocates for your health, safety, and property, replacing old furnaces that could cause detrimental issues down the line. They use only the best, new units with updated technology. Their goal is to save you time and money in the long run, maintaining your furnace once a year before any potential problems emerge.   

Address: 324 Keewatin St., Winnipeg, MB R2X 2R9, Canada

Phone: +1 204-339-4328


5. Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning

Furnasman Heating and Air Conditioning

Furnasman Heating offers reliable and consistent services to homeowners, available 24/7 for central home heating systems. Their residential services tackle problems with heat pumps, pilot lights, leaky ducts, and thermostats. You can schedule emergency or same-day appointments.

Furnasman Heating has certified and trained experts with decades of experience and proper certifications. They have a two-year warranty, so they will repair, replace, or refund the furnace until you’re satisfied. They take the hassle out of repairs with respectable and fast service, confirming that the furnace reaches hot and cool temperatures. 

Address: 302 Keewatin St. Winnipeg, MB R2X 2R9

Phone: +1 431-815-8036


6. Aire Serv of Winnipeg – Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Aire Serv of Winnipeg - Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Aire Serv addresses how inconvenient it is when you need a furnace repair in Winnipeg, and that they’re happy to help you replace or repair the old unit. They’re committed to serving at any time of the day, quickly repairing the furnace at reasonable rates. 

Aire Serv makes high-quality repairs quickly and solves any persistent problems. When the cold sets in, you want to make sure that you have a running furnace and proper heat, and Aire Serv can reassure you that you’ll be comfortable throughout winter with annual, routine cleanups and inspections. 

Address: Winnipeg, MB R2H 2L4

Phone: +1 204-809-4168


7. North 49 Heating and Air Conditioning

North 49 Heating and Air Conditioning    

North 49 Heating and Air Conditioning supply countless products, including furnaces, fireplaces, ACs, water heaters, and HRVs. Their team upgrades, replaces, repairs, and maintains these appliances. 

The professionals can assist you through emergencies, keeping your furnace running optimally. Their replacement furnaces can save you money in the future with updated features that reduce your gas bill. These designs can improve indoor comfort during colder months while being quieter and faster.  

Address: 381 Archibald St., Winnipeg, MB R2J 0W6, Canada

Phone: +1 204-256-6784


8. Fair Service Heating & Air Conditioning

Fair Service Heating & Air Conditioning 

Fair Service Heating & Air Conditioning knows not only how important a furnace is during wintertime, but how this unit helps keep you safe, your home energy-efficient, and costs lower. 

This company is locally owned and operated with years of experience, leaving countless customers satisfied with their lower electricity bills and the thorough expertise they receive from the professionals. 

They can tackle Winnipeg furnace repair, service, replacement, and installation, assessing problems and proposing solutions, leaving every customer satisfied.  

Address: 11 Oakfield Pl., Winnipeg, MB R3R 2Z6, Canada 

Phone: +1 204-221-8070


9. Winnipeg Supply Service Experts 

Winnipeg Supply Service Experts

Winnipeg Supply Service covers all your furnace repair needs. If you notice that your furnace isn’t working or malfunctioning, you can give their professionals a call or make an appointment online. Their team has gone through testing to achieve certification that proves their rigorous knowledge in this industry. 

Winnipeg Supply Service gets the job done right with 100% satisfaction. They recommend annual checkups, cleaning, examining, and maintaining important furnace elements to confirm your furnace runs throughout winter. Furthermore, they have repair discounts to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Address: 1555 Dublin Ave. Unit 1, Winnipeg, MB R3E 3M8, Canada 

Phone: +1 204-800-0613


10. GLT Heating and Cooling

GLT Heating and Cooling

GLT Heating and Cooling places the utmost importance on repairs and getting your furnace functional again. Their professionals handle large and small repairs, returning your home to a comfortable temperature. GLT can tackle emergency services at any time, day or night. 

Their team has experience working with any model or make of furnace, repairing and maintaining each unit. With their help, you don’t have to worry that the furnace was installed properly and avoid issues down the road. It can be difficult to know when you need a repair or replacement, but GLT helps you throughout the process. 

Address: 1053 Autumnwood Dr, Winnipeg, MB R2J 1Z9, Canada 

Phone: +1 204-334-4328


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