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The 10 Best Criminal Lawyers in Calgary [2024 Rankings]

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Carla Baker
Carla Baker is a local writer and contributor from Calgary, Alberta. She has spent the last fifteen years in the city. Frequently, she also contributes to other websites on topics about travel, food, business, and lifestyle.

Calgary, Alberta is a bustling city in the heart of Canada. Unfortunately, many people get into trouble that drags them off the streets and into the courtroom. When it is time to hire a criminal lawyer, look no further than this list.

We made a list of the best criminal lawyers Calgary has to offer based on case victories, experience under their belt, and success rates. Most have shown the ability to protect their clients from time behind bars or the death penalty. Criminal charges don’t have to be criminal charges if you choose the right representation.

1. David Chow – David Chow Law

David Chow – David Chow Law

David Chow is a lawyer that knows his stuff when it comes to criminal law. He handles everything from impaired driving charges, to serious drug offences such as trafficking and production.

He has a reputation to never plead his client guilty no matter how strong the evidence might be against them. Online reviews note what a great communicator David is and how comfortable he made them feel about their case. He knows the criminal code inside and out, and has a reputation of creating a successful defence, giving the accused the best possible outcome. Feel free to call him for a free consultation for your case or to enquire about your rights within the criminal justice system.

Address: 4616 Valiant Dr. NW #212, Calgary, AB T3A 0X9, Canada

Phone: +1 403-452-8018


2. Paul Gracia Professional Law Corporation

Paul Gracia Professional Law Corporation

For over a decade, Paul Gracia has been helping his clients with cases involving impaired driving, failure to comply, drug offenses, firearm offenses, sexual offences and more. To date, he’s handled over 1500 cases to completion with a successful defence.

He is very accessible 7 days a week until 9 p.m. You can take advantage of a free consultation. Clients noted that he made a good impression and made them feel comfortable about their case, due to his knowledge in the criminal code.

Address: 100, 111 – 5th Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2P 3Y6, Canada

Phone: +1 403-975-4529


3. Wolch Wilson Jugnauth & Company LLP

Wolch Wilson Jugnauth & Company LLP

Wolch Wilson is a law firm that puts its clients first. They are known for successfully representing many people charged with serious offenses such as White-collar offenses, DUI, sexual assault and domestic assault.

Online reviews state that the various lawyers and legal team here are all professional and help them with their cases very well.

This high-caliber team is not cheap but they come very well recommended. You have access to several lawyers with 24/7 support. They’re one of your best bets to regain the freedom and life you deserve.

Address: 1842 14 St SW Main Floor, Calgary, AB T2T 3S9, Canada

Phone: +1 403-265-6500


4. Bourdon Defence

Bourdon Defence

This team of lawyers has been practicing law for over 17 years. The legal team was founded and is led by Danusia Bourdon. They are approachable and easy to contact for a consultation regarding your criminal code offences. Their operating hours are known to vary so you may have to call for more information.

Reviewers have noted the professionalism of the team, particularly of Danusia Bourdon. She has managed to get many charges dismissed or withdrawn in court, granting her clients the freedom they were searching for and deserved.

Address: 633 6 Ave SW #1100, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y5, Canada

Phone: +1 403-474-4143


5. Cory Wilson – Wilson Criminal Defence

Cory Wilson – Wilson Criminal Defence

Cory Wilson is one of Calgary’s best criminal lawyers who practices in the areas of criminal defense, impaired driving defense, theft, sexual assault and white-collar crime. He has handled many cases to completion with his clients seeing great results.

The largest Ponzi scheme in Canadian history has been his most high-profile and successful case, within the supreme court. Cory has had success with getting charges withdrawn, reduced sentences, and acquittals for clients.

His office is available for 24/7 free initial consultation and diverse payment options. Since Cory is in such high demand, he has limited office hours.

Address: Chadwick House, 1842 14 St SW Main Floor, Calgary, AB T2T 3S9, Canada

Phone: +1 403-978-6052


6. Michael Oykhman Criminal Defence Lawyer

Michael Oykhman Criminal Defence Lawyer

Michael Oykhman is one of Calgary’s top defense lawyers who has had thousands of satisfied clients. He knows how to handle clients charged with serious offenses such as drug trafficking, extortion, impaired driving, property crime, and criminal cases that can put them away for a long time.

His hourly rate starts from 200 dollars and up. Be sure to contact him to enquire about his services and what he can do to help you, to ensure you avoid a criminal record and thus continue to live a normal life with your family.

Address: 396 11 Ave SW #840, Calgary, AB T2R 0C5, Canada

Phone: +1 403-630-8835


7. Susan Karpa 

Susan Karpa 

Susan Karpa is a lawyer who has been practicing for over 20 years and puts her clients first. No matter what criminal offence they are facing, she is focused on helping her clients achieve the best results possible in every case.

Susan has amazing availability for appointments – even as late as 11:30 p.m. Her legal experience is vast. She has defended clients for murder to more minor offenses such as a DUI.

You can contact her for free legal advice before you officially hire her. If you hire her as a lawyer, you will gain somebody who has experience with high-profile cases. You can even make an appointment with her online.

Address: 535 10 Ave SW Suite 201, Calgary, AB T2R 0A8, Canada

Phone: +1 587-888-7149


8. Dennis Edney – The Law Office of Dennis P. Edney

Dennis Edney is a lawyer that has been practicing for over 40 years and focuses on helping his clients avoid jail time. He has successfully defended many high-profile cases including the Omar Khadr case in the supreme court. He spent 12 years trying to get Omar released from Guantanamo Bay and prison in Canada.

He has won several awards for his human rights work and continues to speak on legal matters at conferences.

Address: 234 Wolf Ridge Close NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 5M6, Canada

Phone: +1 780-908-9555


9. Jeinis Patel Patel – Defence Lawyer

Jeinis Patel Patel – Defence Lawyer

Jeinis Patel is an experienced lawyer that knows how to put his clients first. He focuses on helping accused people get justice when possible or at least avoid jail time.

He also has vast experience defending clients from serious offenses such as homicide and domestic assault. He also covers cases involving immigration with clients, reuniting family.

Contact the team for an initial free 30-minute consultation any day of the week. Upon hiring him for his legal services, he charges by the hour or by block fees.

Address: 444 5 Ave, SW #2300, Calgary, AB T2P 2T8, Canada

Phone: +1 403-585-1960


10. Dahlem Criminal Defence Lawyers

Dahlem Criminal Defence Lawyers

Dahlem Criminal Defence Lawyers are known to be one of the most respected firms in Calgary. They focus on helping their clients avoid the justice system and put them in the best position possible, to avoid receiving a criminal record.

The lawyers work hard for all of their clients, regardless of what criminal offence they might be facing. The team represents clients guilty of computer crime, kidnapping, fraud, manslaughter, sexual offences and firearm offenses – just to name a few. You’ll be in good hands with this team.

Tyson Dahlem, the firm’s owner, has been a criminal defense lawyer for over 15 years.

Address: 801 6 Ave SW #2610, Calgary, AB T2P 3W2, Canada

Phone: +1 403-879-8041



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