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The Top 10 Massage Therapists in Ottawa [2024 Rankings]

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Have you recently suffered a sports injury? Or, do you simply need a relaxing break away from your job and family responsibilities? Then, this article is for you. We’ll tackle the best massage therapists in Ottawa, so keep reading to see if one of these sounds like the right fit for you. 

There’r nothing better than massage therapy treatments to deal with chronic pain or stress. If you need a massage treatment, there are many great Ottawa locations with massage therapists that will help you rejuvenate and restore. Here are ten of the best massage therapists in Ottawa.

1. Relax Ottawa Massage Therapy

Relax Ottawa Massage Therapy

Relax Ottawa Massage Therapy has several massage services, including massage therapy, hot stone massages, pregnancy massages, and reflexology. They have four locations, all equipped with experienced professionals, a comfortable environment, and direct billing. They have helped people recover since 2001.  

Their goal is to provide you with an appropriate setting so you can focus on healing. You can book the same or next day booking online at your convenience. Not only does Relax focus on maintaining physical function, relieving pain, and improving circulation, but reducing stress and boosting your immune system.  

Address: 504 Kent St., Ottawa, ON K2P 2B9, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-222-0465


2. Essential Health Massage Therapy

Essential Health Massage Therapy

Essential Health Massage Therapy employs highly educated therapists who customise the care according to your personal needs. Their goal is to reduce your pain and stress while limiting the recurrence of injuries. In addition, they provide proper education and treatments to help you live better. 

They offer a professional, modern, comfortable environment with everything to help you on your recovery journey. Essential Health Massage Therapy offers relaxation massages, injury treatments, and speciality treatments. All their therapists have attended previous educational courses to give you the best experience possible and see results.

Address: 700 Industrial Ave. Site 220, Ottawa, ON K1G 0Y9, Canada

Phone: +1 613-695-4000


3. Healthy Choice Massage Therapy

Healthy Choice Massage Therapy

Healthy Choice Massage Therapy bills directly to insurance providers once they’re done effectively treating your pain. Each service is high-quality, and its licensed professionals have served the Ottawa area since 2008. They offer various treatments to fit your goals and rehabilitation. 

Healthy Choice offers massages to keep your body healthy and reduce discomfort while assisting other clients who were in an accident and need help with the pain. Their team carefully analyses your lifestyle and needs before matching you with the correct treatment. Healthy Choice reduces the pain of injuries, headaches, joints, and recovery after surgery. 

Address: 1827 Woodward Dr Unit 202, Ottawa, ON K2C 0P9, Canada

Phone: +1 613-216-9677


4. Anna Belanger & Associates  

Anna Belanger & Associates

Anna Belanger & Associates has a team of educated and compassionate employees who work hard to provide services that fulfil the patient’s needs. Their main goal is to build and maintain trusted relationships with clients. They received recognition from healthcare partners for their work. 

Their registered massage therapy services include pregnancy, therapeutic, deep tissue, and relaxation massages. All of their registered therapists help reduce the pain and stress of your job or lifestyle. They have three locations to serve multiple groups of people and help them recover or relax.    

Address: 621 Bank St., Ottawa, ON K1S 3T5, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-986-4768


5. Renu Massage Therapy and Spa

Renu Massage Therapy and Spa

Renu Massage Therapy delivers quality service with trained professionals who source the problem directly and help alleviate symptoms like sore muscles, exhaustion, tension, and pain. Their services include Swedish massages, sports massages, myofascial massages, and couples massages for listed prices. 

Their experienced professionals are well aware of certain techniques, assisting you with better sleep, reducing stress, and taking care of brief or recurring pain. In addition to their massage services, Renu offers various spa services, so you can get all-around care at one stop if you crave a manicure or facial. 

Address: 1432 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2X2, Canada

Phone: +1 613-722-2929


6. Myosense Wellness: Ottawa Massage Therapy

Myosense Wellness: Ottawa Massage Therapy

Myosense Wellness provides massage therapy alongside acupuncture, cupping, and structural integration for a full-body experience that relieves aching muscles and bones and achieves balance. They also can sit down with you to discuss at-home mobility plans that are customised to fit your goals. 

Myosense is more than just a massage therapist; it also encourages healthy, active lives for everyone. You can attend a massage or browse their other range of services or products that contribute to living more actively with less concern over physical and mental ailments that can hinder the quality of your life, such as anxiety or depression. 

Address: 208 Slater St. #205, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H8, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-897-0473


7. Vitality Massage Therapy 

Vitality Massage Therapy

Vitality Massage Therapy offers a range of services with registered massage therapists in Ottawa by appointment only. They offer services throughout the week, enunciating how beneficial massage therapy is on headaches, spasms, arthritis, injuries, and sprains. They focus on various styles of massage, craniosacral therapy, and cupping. 

Their listed prices are based on the time slot, and you can easily book online without the hassle of calling or visiting in person. This clinic has over a decade worth of experience in this industry, providing passionate treatments to customers searching for remedies.  

Address: 60 MacLaren St., Ottawa, ON K2P 0K7, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-421-7732


8. Poised Massage Therapy

Poised Massage Therapy

Poised Massage Therapy has been RMT-owned and operated since 2014. Their environment is relaxing, promoting wellness, and offering treatments to those who need help healing from injuries or mental trauma. 

Poised Massage Therapy hopes to inspire every customer to continue their well-being, and their services reflect that passionate drive, offering various styles and approaches to massages. 

Their team wants you to feel your best naturally, and all their therapists attended rigorous courses to ensure their knowledge before providing services to you. Not only do their sessions help physically, but you might see a boost of creativity and calm thinking after attending an hour of massage. 

Address: 346 Richmond Rd #205, Ottawa, ON K2A 0E8, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-695-0400


9. The Massage Therapy Collective 

The Massage Therapy Collective

The Massage Therapy Collective helps you whether you need recovery from an injury or time away to relax. The Massage Therapy Collective is run and owned by therapists but centred around their patients. Their staff focuses on training and treating various health concerns, both physical, mental, and emotional. 

Their talented therapists have different days and hours they work, being able to show up when it works best for them and you. Their services are very similar to the previous clinics. However, their prices are reasonable, and their therapists guide you through the process when first visiting to ensure you’re on the same page. 

Address: 381 Kent St. Suite 4000, Ottawa, ON K2P 2A8, Canada

Phone: +1 613-877-3627


10. Metcalfe Massage Therapy Clinic

Metcalfe Massage Therapy Clinic

Metcalfe Massage Therapy Clinic focuses on achieving optimal health through massage, offering treatments that hone in on rehabilitation and prevention. In addition, every one of their professionals works hard to gain more education regarding this field, using various techniques and skills to give you the best performance so you can focus on healing. 

All the massage therapists in Ottawa have proper registrations and use their own skill sets to fit your health goals. Since 1993, Metcalfe Massage has prided itself in providing the best, personalised care that matches your health history and gives you the most out of your visit.    

Address: 280 Metcalfe St. Suite 300, Ottawa, ON K2P 1R6, Canada

Phone: +1 613-235-2377


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