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Top 10 Financial Planners in Winnipeg [2024 Rankings]

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If you need assistance with financial planning and live in Canada, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll highlight some of the best financial planners in Winnipeg so you can feel more assured about your money both now and in the future.

A certified financial planner can help you in many aspects of financial wellness, including estate planning, investments, wealth protection, and other plans and tools to secure your financial future. They’re great sources of financial advice and can help connect you with mutual fund dealers and insurance companies.

So if you’re looking for a registered financial planner, we have ten high-quality financial advisers to recommend. Check out the list:

1. Warkentin Group Private Wealth Management

Warkentin Group Private Wealth Management

Warkentin Group works closely with all their clients to help them reach their retirement dreams. Their professional team has over 90 years of experience, giving you the personal attention and service you need when developing your financial plan for the current and future years. 

Their planners provide multiple solutions including financial, investment, estate, and business succession preparation. Warkentin Group ensures that you’ll know how to manage your budget and continue to earn income so you can reach your financial goals. 

Address: 363 Broadway #906, Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-414-2479


2. Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group

Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group

Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group has a team of certified financial advisors offering some of the best wealth management and financial planning. Their strategies guarantee that you have the necessary information to make the right decision for individual, family, or business needs.

They consider upcoming years while factoring in the present, developing a plan that works for you, and guiding you through the entire process. Tetrault makes sure that you get the most out of your investments. Additionally, they provide retirement, tax, and insurance planning services, suggesting award-winning solutions to every client.

Address: 1010-201 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-259-2859


3. Yourstyle Financial

Yourstyle Financial

Yourstyle Financial directs you to make smart financial decisions and investments so that you feel more secure about your present and future. They also assist individuals, families, business owners, and employees in achieving their objectives, guiding them every step of the way. 

Additionally, you can book an event speaker to discuss financial issues with a large crowd in an approachable way. Yourstyle Financial has dedicated financial planners in Winnipeg with years of experience, developing a personal relationship with you based on what matters most. After tackling short-term goals, lifelong dreams don’t sound too difficult with their services.

Address: 2020 Portage Ave. #1B, Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-474-2929


4. Cascade Financial Group Inc. 

Cascade Financial Group Inc

Cascade Financial Group helps with long-term or short-term goals, like retirement or starting a business. They design a specific strategy that acknowledges your lifestyle and caters to your needs. Since 2009, Cascade Financial Group has served countless individuals and business partners with consistent financial planning.

Their team listens and understands your financial aspirations before moving forward, assisting you in saving money and looking towards a brighter, more secure future. Furthermore, Cascade offers investment and insurance planning, educating you regarding all the options available.

Address: 1730 Corydon Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-837-1161


5. Winnipeg Financial Planning 

Winnipeg Financial Planning

Winnipeg Financial Planning assists in retirement planning for people over fifty years old. In addition, they help pro hockey players once they’re done playing the sport, farmers in retirement and transition, and business owners who need to feel more secure about their future.

Winnipeg Financial Planning has a team of experts who know the importance of managing income and savings. They suggest multiple solutions and planning strategies that make you feel more assured about your investments. They help take the stress out of financial planning with easy steps and a team that protects you and saves you money.

Address: 177 St Mary’s Rd., Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-256-5555


6. Woodman Wealth

Woodman Wealth

Woodman Wealth was established in 2007, focusing on high-level investment strategies for clients. Their biggest goal is to help you feel more confident about your wealth. Woodman Wealth works with families, entrepreneurs, and farmers, highlighting the importance of establishing trust with your financial planner.

Woodman Wealth works with you to learn more about your life and give you the best solution that provides the highest profit, garnering the biggest success. They have a range of services, including retirement accounts, savings accounts, mutual funds, tax planning, and mortgage referrals. 

Address: 238 Portage Ave. 3rd Floor, Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-806-8388


7. Lawton Partners 

Lawton Partners 

Lawton Partners considers everything when working with you to create a wealth management plan. They personalise their services to come up with strategic plans that create long-lasting relationships that maximise your profits. Lawton Partners works with business owners and professionals to reach their full potential, collaborating with them towards the future. 

They assist with private wealth management, investment strategies, retirement, and corporate planning. With various, experienced financial planners for Winnipeg residents, you can dictate which one works for you through a step-by-step plan that ensures you achieve your financial dreams with ease.  

Address: 305 Broadway, Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-944-1144


8. World Financial Group

World Financial Group

World Financial Group offers exceptional service platforms that allow you to pursue your financial goals. They customise each solution to you, addressing specific needs and learning more about who you are. World Financial Group supports beginning entrepreneurs who want to build their dream business, collaborating with mentors and skilled teams.

World Financial Group combines technology and years of experience to focus on your financial success. They offer insurance protection, retirement income, and business strategies. They make it easy to protect what matters the most by achieving financial independence and offering diverse products.

Address: 1021 Court Ave. Unit 202, Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-800-7837


9. Harmony Financial Solutions Inc.

Harmony Financial Solutions Inc.

Harmony Financial Solutions aims to accomplish your investment planning. Their services include wealth management for individuals, families, and business owners. Their dedicated team helps you grow your estate, lower risk, and capitalise on future potential. 

Harmony Financial Solutions has a team of experts that are passionate about helping you confirm that you’re financially set for not only now but the future. 

They have countless services including wealth accumulation, protection, and transition alongside corporate strategies, risk management, and employee benefits. Harmony Financial Services builds trust while representing you and your business. 

Address: 1335 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-808-8096


10. Prosper Wealth Ltd.

Prosper Wealth Ltd

Prosper Wealth Ltd. has years of expertise in financial advising. They build unique relationships and guidance for all of their clients, understanding that not everyone has the same financial situation. Prosper Wealth takes the time to understand you, working with you to reach those dreams. 

Their professional advice determines what you need now and in the future to get the most success out of your business or personal life. They have countless individual products, including insurance, retirement, and investment. Prosper Wealth offers group benefits and savings plans for businesses.

Address: 100 Osborne St N. #1C, Winnipeg, MB

Phone: +1 204-946-8172


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