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The 10 Dermatologists in Hamilton for Best Skin Solutions

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Have you been searching for a new dermatologist or dermatology practice in Hamilton, Ontario? Well, you’re lucky because this article covers all the best dermatologists Hamilton has to offer. 

The skin you’re in plays a far more essential role than how you physically appear to the world. It protects your body from harmful bacteria and helps determine whether or not something is too hot to touch. So, taking care of your skin is essential, and a good dermatologist understands how important it is to your overall well-being.

We created this list based on the following criteria. First, we looked at credentials and certifications. Then, we considered the services offered and the availability of personalized treatment plans. Lastly, we looked at professionalism and reputation based on actual results.  

This list outlines the ten best dermatologists in the Hamilton area who treat all types of skin conditions. 

1. DRS Skincare

DRS Skincare

DRS Skincare is a comprehensive skin care clinic in Hamilton that provides solutions for many skincare concerns and conditions. So whether you want to firm up fine lines with some Botox or smooth away a scar, the team at DRS Skincare will have you covered. 

Dr Rahul Shukla of DRS skincare is a board-certified dermatologist who’s served the Hamilton area for years. His commitment to education, professionalism, and professional development demonstrates his dedication to his craft and patients. He is also an active member of Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA), American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) and the Canadian Laser & Aesthetics Specialists Society (CLASS).

Address: 1662 Upper James St / Hamilton, ON L9B 1K5

Phone: +1 905-524-1712


2. Skin Vitality Medical Clinic of Stoney Creek Hamilton

Skin Vitality Medical Clinic of Stoney Creek Hamilton

Skin Vitality Medical Clinic in Stoney Creek offers a fully patient-centered skincare experience. The clinic provides a plethora of face, hair, body, and laser services for men and women. No matter what you’re looking for, Skin Vitality will have it.

The team at Skin Vitality takes their role as innovators seriously. Each doctor, nurse practitioner, and nurse focuses on the skincare industry to ensure they offer the most cutting-edge services. You can’t go wrong if you choose to work with Skin Vitality.

Address: 311 Fruitland Rd, Unit 3 / Hamilton, ON L8E 5M8

Phone: +1 226-210-9139


3. Dermetics


Founded in 2004 by Drs Muhn and Rosen, Dermetics is a cosmetic and medical dermatology clinic in Burlington serving the Hamilton region. Dermetics offers face, body, laser, and skin procedures to address various skin care concerns. 

Drs Muhn and Rosen consistently enhance their skill set and seek ways to innovate in their field. As researchers and practicing physicians, they’re always on the cutting edge of dermatology. You can rest assured that Dermetics will handle your skin care concerns professionally. 

Address: 3305 Harvester Rd, Units 8-9 / Burlington, ON, L7N 3N2

Phone: +1 905-336-9624


4. Doctor V Dermatology

Doctor V Dermatology

Located in Hamilton, Doctor V Dermatology is a medical and cosmetic dermatology clinic. The office treats various dermatological conditions, including skin disorders and diseases. Doctor V also provides Botox, fillers, microdermabrasion, and other cosmetic procedures. 

With twenty-five years of experience, Dr. Vignjevic and his staff are dedicated to faithfully serving the Hamilton region. Patients come from all over the area for treatment, knowing they’ll be treated fairly and respectfully.

Address: 800 Queenston Road, Suite 305 / Hamilton, ON L8G 1A7

Phone: +1 905-549-7873


5. Ancaster Dermatology

Ancaster Dermatology

Ancaster Dermatology has provided cosmetic and medical dermatology from its Ancaster location since 2002. From acne scarring to skin cancer treatment, Ancaster Dermatology is prepared to help address your needs. 

Dr. Wisner and her team of medical staff share a desire to stay on the cutting edge of dermatology. Together, they strive to learn about the newest dermatology innovations. But, most importantly, they believe in only offering procedures that can produce a measurable improvement in care. 

Address: 34 Stone Church Rd #20 / Ancaster, ON L9K 1S5

Phone: +1 905-304-1122


6. Mussani Skin Solutions

Mussani Skin Solutions

Mussani Skin Solutions, headed by Dr Farheen Mussani, offers its Hamilton clients a comprehensive assortment of dermatological services. Cosmetic and medical procedures include chemical peels, eyelash enhancements, eczema, and psoriasis treatments. 

The doctors at Mussani Skin Solutions are three board-certified physicians with extensive knowledge of dermatology. With multiple awards and achievements between them, you can feel secure in your choice to work with some of the best dermatologists Hamilton brings to the table.

Address: 17 King St W / Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1H1

Phone: +1 905-930-9735


7. The Laserologist

The Laserologist

The Laserologist is one of the best places in Hamilton that treats all the most common dermatology concerns, such as benign skin lesions and a number of allergic reactions. Whether you need vascular treatments or scar removal, The Laserologist has the experience to take on your case.

The staff at The Laserologist believes in crafting treatments with a precise blend of medicine and art. Under his meticulous eye for detail and a personal approach, you’re sure to find the treatment you need.

Address: 69 Bethune Ave / Hamilton, ON L0R 1P0

Phone: +1 905-519-7232


8. Laser Spa Group Hamilton

Laser Spa Group Hamilton

As one of the top-rated dermatologists Hamilton offers, this Spa-style institution treats patients with various skin care conditions. The Laser Spa Group takes on all the most common skin conditions and concerns, including fine lines, laser hair removal, and body contouring.

At the Laser Spa Group, you’ll find treatment in a boutique-style environment. With state-of-the-art technology and expert staff, you’ll always get the respect and care you need in their medical facility. 

Address: 169 Locke St S / Hamilton, ON L8P 4B2

Phone: +1 905-393-7546


9. Laserbody MD

Laserbody MD

Laserbody MD is a medical and cosmetic dermatology clinic that treats all skin conditions, from the simplest to the most complex. Conditions treated at Laserbody MD include excessive sweating, acne scarring, and tattoo removal. 

The staff at Laserbody MD believes in transparency, positivity, and upholding values. To address those things, they’ve built a business around treating patients with the care and respect they deserve. If you need medical or cosmetic dermatology treatments, Laserbody MD is an excellent choice.

Address: 230 James St S F3 / Hamilton, ON L8P 3B3

Phone: +1 416-661-7878


10. deRMA Skin Institute

deRMA Skin Institute

With two convenient Hamilton area locations in Guelph and Burlington, the deRMA Skin Institute offers some of the region’s best cosmetic and medical services. Their 5 Dimension Skin Plan is highly sought-after, while their comprehensive selection of treatments ensures everyone finds what they need. 

The doctors at deRMA have a healthy focus on research and innovation. They treat every patient as an individual, acknowledging no two cases are alike. Their techniques are designed around compassionate care and the highest dermatological standards.

Address: 33 Farley Dr. Unit 8 / Guelph, ON N1L 0B7

Phone: +1 519-836-8558


Final Thoughts

While accolades and inclusion to fellowships such as the Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society and Canadian Dermatology Association play a crucial role in determining a dermatologist’s reputation, what matters most is the results of a specialist. So on top of checking information like where a dermatologist completed a residency or what Canadian or American board they’re a part of, you want to look at their goals for their patients and how they change their client’s life. Doing so will help you find the best dermatology practice for you or your family.

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