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The 10 Best Junk Removal Services in Ottawa [2024 Rankings]

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Junk removal services make it easy to get rid of unwieldy unwanted possessions, yard waste, scrap metal, and excessive amounts of rubbish. They help you save up space in your home or business while ensuring sanitation and safety.

Whether your property is littered with damaged items or you’re planning on getting rid of things before moving to a new home, junk removal services could be a worthwhile investment. It makes your life easier and keeps your yards, houses, or any other location free of any clutter.

Without further ado, let’s explore Ottawa’s best junk removal services to discover which might be right for you!

1. Junk That Funk

Junk That Funk

Getting rid of commercial or residential waste can weigh on your conscience, as most junked items end up in landfills. Junk That Funk does an amazing job of reducing landfill waste, making them one of Ottawa’s most eco-conscious junk removal service providers.

Even better, this company can tackle jobs of any size and almost any type (the only things they don’t handle are hazardous materials). In addition, they offer free junk removal assessments and free estimates, so you’ll never be surprised by the final service fee. 

Address: 50 Florence St Office 4, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y7, Canada

Phone Number: +1 613-884-0456


2. Christian’s Junk Removal

Christian's Junk Removal

Though Christian’s Junk Removal is based in Gatineau (on the north side of the Ottawa River), they serve the Ottawa and Gatineau areas equally. 

Their great service prices vary depending on the size rubbish load, making them a comparatively affordable choice for clients looking to empty trash-filled homes or cluttered backyard gardens.

Christian’s Junk Removal can remove your junk in a flash, ensuring that you have the free time to tackle other tasks.

Address: 13 Rue Marcel-Chaput, Gatineau, QC J9A 3A9, Canada

Phone Number: +1 819-291-0118

Website: Christians Junk Removal



If you’re looking for a junk removal company that recycles and donates large proportions of the items it takes in, you might want to choose JUNK GODS. This Ottawa-based company works hard to reduce the amount of waste taken to landfills, and they also offer a wide range of services.

For example, JUNK GODS can help contractors clear construction waste, remove garbage from residential properties, and safely help clients dispose of electronic waste. It’s one of the few junk removal service providers to offer such an in-depth selection of services.  

Address: 2555 Blackwell St, Ottawa, ON K1B 4E4, Canada

Phone Number: +1 888-992-5865


4. Junk Ninja

Junk Ninja

Waiting several hours (or days) for your chosen junk removal specialists to arrive can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, Junk Ninja provides prompt junk removal services, offering clients two-hour arrival windows to fit with almost every schedule.

This licensed and insured junk removal company can handle jobs of multiple sizes. Clients can either rent bins for DIY junk removal or hire Junk Ninja labourers to take on the hard work. 

Additionally, Junk Ninja is dedicated to recycling or donating as many junked items as possible. 

Address: 15 Grenfell Crescent #6, Nepean, ON K2G 0G3, Canada

Phone Number: +1 613-825-0707


5. Bin There Dump That Ottawa

Bin There Dump That Ottawa

Getting rid of junk can be a personal and sensitive affair. For that reason, some clients may prefer to rent a dumpster and perform a DIY junk removal. Fortunately, Bin There Dump That Ottawa can help.

This company offers rental dumpsters to suit all kinds of cleanups. Clients can hold onto their rented bins for six days without incurring additional fees. 

Bin There Dump That Ottawa is an excellent choice for clients looking for a private, low-stress alternative to intrusive junk removal services.

Address: 180 Wescar Ln, Carp, ON K0A 1L0, Canada

Phone Number: +1 613-288-0511


6. Waste Away Ottawa

Waste Away Ottawa

Whether you’re looking to rent a dumpster or hire a team of junk removal experts, Waste Away Ottawa can help. 

They have a fleet of multi-size vehicles that make getting rid of rubbish, old electronics, furniture, and junked appliances a breeze. Pricing is straightforward, and they provide free no-obligation estimate to clients Clients looking to stick to a budget are sure to appreciate this transparency. 

Phone Number: +1 613-979-2783


7. 1 888 DrWaste

1 888 DrWaste

Hauling out oversized items can be a back-breaking process. That’s why 1 888 DrWaste offers comprehensive junk removal services, including rubbish and furniture removal.

Before you ever spend a penny on these services, 1 888 DrWaste experts will drive out to your property to perform a free assessment. 

After that, they’ll recommend a service to suit your unique needs and provide an estimate that covers all the bases (labour, transport, and dumping).

Address: 108 Huntley Manor Dr, Carp, ON K0A 1L0, Canada

Phone Number: +1 613-836-4502


8. Trash Hogs’ Dumpsters

Trash Hogs' Dumpsters

Trash Hogs’ Dumpsters doesn’t offer a comprehensive selection of junk removal services. But they are a reputable purveyor of rental dumpsters. 

Those looking to toss out large quantities of trash or broken furniture can rely on this company to provide rapid dumpster delivery and trash dumping services. 

Trash Hogs’ Dumpsters delivers to clients in the greater Ottawa area, including the Kanata, Orleans, and Osgoode communities, making them an accessible option for those living outside the Nepean area.

Address: 2449 River Mist Rd, Nepean, ON K2J 5W5, Canada

Phone Number: +1 613-769-5685


9. Mr Dumpster

Mr Dumpster

Those looking to get rid of junk items discretely or save on labour costs can choose Mr Dumpster. This company offers dumpster rental services to help make large-scale DIY cleanups a breeze. 

Clients can choose from a wide range of dumpster sizes, and Mr Dumpster employees deliver and pick up rental dumpsters to make trash removal a convenient process. They accept dumpsters filled with household junk and rubbish, though they may charge extra to haul away old appliances.

Address: Ottawa, ON K0A 2H0, Canada

Phone Number: +1 613-880-3335


10. Sam’s Moving Company

Sam's Moving Company

Sam’s Moving Company primarily provides moving services and do the heavy lifting on large furniture, boxes, hot tubs, and other home appliances. But the company also offers residential and commercial junk removal services. 

Their excellent service is relatively comprehensive, and their crews are more than happy to help with trash cleanup, deep cleaning, and large item removal. No matter the day of the week, this company is available to assist with your junk removal needs. 

Trash removal specialists and movers are even available on weekends! 

Address: 1076 Redtail Private, Ottawa, ON K1J 0A9, Canada

Phone Number: +1 613-505-9622 


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to rent a dumpster or hire a team of professional junk removal specialists, there are plenty of local companies from which to choose. You can use this article to quickly and efficiently locate the best options in Ottawa!

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