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Our Guide to the 10 Best Cups of Coffee in Mississauga

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Samuel Felix is an Digital Marketing practitioner who likes to write about Canada's local businesses on the weekends. He loves coffee in the morning and a good glass of draft beer as the day ends.

A quality cup of freshly brewed coffee is the crucial start to a good day. Unfortunately, there are plenty of misses out there when it comes to a good brew. Finding a good one sometimes takes two (or ten) cups of coffee. Luckily, we sipped them all, so you didn’t have to.

If you’re looking to explore Mississauga’s coffee culture, don’t head to Tim Hortons just yet! There are other cafes, tea rooms, and shops that could be a perfect place to meet up with friends, catch up with work before heading home, or just chill on your own. The city has great coffee places and coffee bar options for coffee lovers. We’ve put together a list of the best places for the best coffee that have superb quality specialty drinks, great food, and amazing customer service.

Read on to explore our take on the best coffee shops in Mississauga.

1. Halo Espresso Bar

Halo Espresso Bar

Halo Espresso Bar is the perfect spot for classic coffee drinkers and adventurous taste buds. The Cortado is perfectly sweet, and the specialty lattes are always innovative.

The interior of the shop is clean and sleek, with plenty of seating available.

Halo has several unique menu items like the Nutella Latte and the Kinder Latte. The Nutella Latte contains a heaping spoonful of the Nutella, and the Kinder Latte contains an entire, melted Kinder chocolate bar.

The seasonal menu never disappoints, either. The fall and winter seasons often feature delicious, limited-time drinks like a Peppermint Hot Chocolate or Cardamom Latte.

Address: 3024 Hurontario Street Mississauga, ON L5B 4M4 Canada

Phone: +1 905-232-4256


2. Back Road Motor Coffee Co

Back Road Motor Coffee Co

Back Road is a specialty coffee roaster and shop—the owners pride themselves on their sustainably-sourced and high-quality ingredients. The cafe also has other hot beverages and food options if you’re not a coffee lover. Reviewers rave about this small business’s friendliness and passion for coffee.

The beans are always fresh and the drip coffee is always delicious. The shop itself has neutral, laidback decor and is a great hangout. The menu consists of traditional items like espresso, lattes, and a flat white and some specialty items like pour-over coffee and unique latte flavors.

Back Road makes their hot chocolate with real shaved cocoa—you can truly taste the quality of the ingredients. The drinks are balanced and strong.

Address: 133 Queen Street E Mississauga, ON L5G 1N1 Canada

Phone: +1 647-287-2727


3. Fair Grounds Organic Café & Roastery

Fair Grounds Organic Café & Roastery

This location has a unique set-up: it is located in a garage. Although the decor is minimal, it’s a cozy place to hang out and the coffee is highly regarded. You’re almost always guaranteed to get a second cup at some point, sometimes on the same visit! This humble coffee shop has a small menu and strong coffee.

Fair Grounds coffee is 100% organic and brewed in-house, and its packaging is eco-friendly. All coffee is made in-house, and you can even watch the coffee-roasting process while you sip. The espresso is full-bodied and is an ideal addition to lattes or even to sip on its own.

Address: 1106 Ogden Avenue Mississauga, ON L5E 1K3 Canada

Phone: +1 905-990-6100


4. Hale Coffee Company 

Hale Coffee Company 

Hale Coffee is a micro-roastery and coffee shop, and its latte art is as cute as its boho-style decor. It’s a great place located in Square One’s Food District and has plenty of comfortable seating.

The staff offers useful pointers about their coffee roasts like the tasting notes, taste scale, region, and how to best enjoy it. One of the fan favorites is the matcha latte—Hale’s matcha is hand-whisked and unsweetened. This offers a more authentic taste than the pre-made matcha at many other locations.

Customers can grab their drink of choice at this location either to go or for dine-in. Opting for dine-in can help save plastic. So if you don’t need to be in a rush, consider having your coffee in-store. Beans are also available to buy in-store or on the website.

Address: 100 City Centre Drive Unit FM15 Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9 Canada

Phone: +1 905-232-2342


5. Cosenza Espresso Bar

Cosenza Espresso Bar

Cosenza is the spot to get authentic and bold espresso. It has the classic, Italian espresso bar vibe and lives up to its look.

This location offers more than traditional espresso—the Iced Espressos, also known as Espresso Granita, are a refreshing twist on the Italian classic. This slushy-style drink has the perfect balance of sweetness and boldness. When visiting, you should definitely order this item.

Their cappuccino is another one of their more popular menu items.

Address: 720 Burnhamthorpe Road W Mississauga, ON L5C 3X3 Canada

Phone: +1 905-272-8343


6. Studio.89


Studio.89 is both a non-profit organization and a wonderful cafe. The shop runs multiple programs for art, justice, and intersectionality. It’s one of the best places for coffee in Mississauga, but also has a great assortment of hot tea options and breakfast pastries and baked goods.

This driven, eco-friendly cafe is full of gorgeous greenery. Studio.89’s welcoming atmosphere is truly refreshing. The staff hosts community events and animal advocacy events often. In addition to these initiatives, Studio.89 features 100% plant-based products and biodegradable cups.

The cafe menu is simple but effective. It offers classic coffee options like the Americano and Shaken Espresso. Another perk is the variety of milk choices: non-dairy milk options include oat, soy, almond, and cashew.

Address:1065 Canadian Place, unit 104 Mississauga ON Canada

Phone: +1 647-400-0455


7. Capital B Cafe 

Capital B Cafe

Capital B Cafe is a bistro and cafe with a bright and elegant atmosphere. This location even has a picture wall where you can capture your coffee-fueled memories with friends.

Capital B’s Dalgona Coffee menu option is a must-have. Dalgona coffee can be served with either hot or cold milk and is topped with fluffy whipped coffee. Don’t be fooled by its dainty appearance—the whipped coffee is strong and flavorful.

Another delicious option is the Fluffy Matcha Latte. For the less-ambitious coffee drinkers, classic options are also available.

Address: 1077 North Service Road Suite 8 Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6 Canada 

Phone: Phone number unavailable 


8. Chaiiwala


Customers can’t stop raving about Chaiiwala’s chai lattes. This Indian cafe offers a wide range of flavours, from the classic Dirty Chai to a zesty Lemon Chai. The decor is clean and modern, and the staff is welcoming.

One popular menu item is the Pink Chai. There is also a wide variety of teas available.

Address: 6435 Erin Mills Parkway Mississauga, ON L5N 4H4 Canada

Phone: Phone Number Unavailable 

Website: Website Unavailable 

9. GeLatte 


GeLatte goes above and beyond with its innovative beverage: the combination of gelato and coffee. The GeFrappes come in a variety of flavours including cookies and cream, caramel, espresso, chai, and mocha.

These creamy, ice-cold drinks are a creative twist on caffeinated beverages. In addition to GeFrappes, other coffee and espresso drinks are available. GeLatte also offers teas and specialty lattes.

Some of the more popular specialty latte flavours are the white mocha and vanilla latte.

Address: 23 Helene Street North Mississauga, ON L5G 3B6 Canada

Phone: +1 905-271-1999

Website: GeLatte

10. Coffee Time 

Coffee Time 

Just as their motto says, Coffee Time truly is anytime at this location. Coffee Time is a well-renowned coffee chain that has been providing coffee to Canadians for over thirty years.

The locations are clean, simple, and get the job done. Coffee Time’s menu has classic picks like iced coffee and a cold brew and a few fancier twists like their Chillas. The flavoured cappuccinos are creamy and customizable, and the Raspberry Blackcurrant tea is a refreshing coffee alternative.

Coffee Time Chillas are a tasty, blended caffeine kick. 

Address: 991 Matheson Boulevard East Mississauga, ON L4W 2V3 Canada

Phone: +1 905-629-8231


Final Thoughts

Life is just a whole lot better with coffee. So visit any of these cafe options in Mississauga and you should get some of the best coffee that the city has to offer. And throw in a chocolate chip cookie or whip cream on your drink while you’re at it. You deserve to enjoy life!

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