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The 10 Best Romantic Date Ideas in Hamilton (Ranked)

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Kalina Izabela
Kalina was born and raised in Hamilton. She loves to spend time with her husband and family and frequently travels. When she isn't writing for blogs and websites, she works as a graphic designer.

Are you heading out on your first date with a blind setup? Or do you want to take your loved one or spouse to a special date night after countless busy days? Taking your girlfriend out for Valentine’s day? We’ve all been in a situation where we run out of creative and fun ideas to try out for our date nights. Well, if you’re in that spot, this could be your lucky day. Because we’ve compiled a lot of romantic ideas that you should try out with your date. 

Hamilton is a city that stays alive all throughout the year. Sure, the cold can get grueling and the seasons long, but there’s always a great idea or two to try or revisit (with a new experience here and there) in the surrounding area. You have parks, movie theaters, castles, waterfalls, lakes, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and all kinds of places and activities to try.

So let’s get straight into it. Here are ten of the best romantic date ideas that you could try in Hamilton.

1. Check Out Dundurn Castle

Check Out Dundurn Castle

The Dundurn Castle was once owned by Sir Allan Napier MacNab, one of Canada’s most prominent railway magnates back in the 18th century. Fast forward to today, a site is a place filled with history and tales about the family’s affluent lifestyle. The castle and the surrounding area are now intertwined with all sorts of activities that could make for great family days and— of course— dates with a special someone. 

There are many romantic things you can do at Dundurn Castle that will also be fun and educational. Take guided tours through the Castle grounds and garden and explore what life was like over two centuries ago. You can also have lunch over at Banana Leaf Asian Cuisine or The Innsville in between tours and experiences.

2. Head Over to Bayfront Park

Head Over to Bayfront ParkBayfront Park can be found at the heart of Hamilton’s downtown area. And while it’s surrounded by the busyness of Hamilton’s hustle and bustle, the park itself is a serene palace that’s also a perfect spot for walking, cycling, or even jogging. The next time around, you might want to take your date to the park or the surrounding harbor area to enjoy a slow morning or afternoon. You can also try out the in-line skating attraction in the park as well.

3. Go for Wine Tasting at Ridge Road Estate Winery

Go for Wine Tasting at Ridge Road Estate Winery

If you haven’t tried visiting Ridge Road Estate Winery yet, then it should be on the list for the next date activity. The winery has a great outdoor ambiance that you and your special companion will enjoy for sure. And let’s not forget to mention the superb food options and wide selection of stellar wine!

Ridge Road’s indoor wine tasting usually happens every Thursday from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 6:00. You and your date can also enjoy  cheese boards, chocolate, local snacks, and— of course— a bottle of wine on their outdoor patio.

4. Have a Thrill at Adventure Village

Have a Thrill at Adventure Village

If you and your date are adrenaline junkies, then Adventure Village is another option you should check out for a fun date. The outdoor entertainment centre is along the Lake Ontario shoreline and has all kinds of attractions that will fill up the day very quickly. Adventure Village’s location is made up of over 3 acres of hills, six fish ponds, rapids, shipwrecks, and more. 

Some of the activities and attractions at Adventure Village include rocky mountain climbing, bungee trampoline, gemstone mining, miniature gold, krazy kars, outdoor laser tag, and batting cages. 

5.  Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse

Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse

For green thumb couples, the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse is one place to add to the list too. It’s one of the newest Hamilton gardens and sits on over 14,000 square feet of land. The greenhouse has a collection of various kinds of subtropical plants and some unique species of flora and palm trees.

Some beautifully crafted waterfalls add a zen feel to the place along with some ponds filled with fish, turtles, and beautiful water lilies. Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. And the best part is that admission is free!

6. Chill at Mulberry Coffeehouse

Chill at Mulberry Coffeehouse

Are you and your date coffee lovers? Then Mulberry Coffeehouse is always a great date idea! The cafe is home to some of the best organic and local coffee and handmade eats. And if you’d rather enjoy a pint of smooth alcoholic drinks, then the craft beer at Mulberry along with their options for wine and cocktails are to die for too!

Moreover, the vibe at the coffee shop is always lively and bursting with people who love to have a good time. It can also be a romantic setting in the evenings. The place is often a venue for events, concerts, and nights with live music. So what could get more fun or romantic than that?

7. Trek Over to Tews Falls

Trek Over to Tews Falls

On your way to Dundas Peak, there’s a beautiful ribbon waterfall that glistens in the sunlight. That place is best known to all as Tews Falls. The waterfall is fed by Logie’s Creek and falls down a rock facade that drops 41 meters into the valley below. Tews Falls is a good reason to just block out a full day to go for a great hiking experience. They also have some great viewing platforms with great views. 

Tews Falls is only a five-minute trek from the designated parking area and roughly half an hour below Dundas Peak.

8. Dine and Catch Some Drinks at The Ship

Dine and Catch Some Drinks at The Ship

The Ship on 23 August Street is one of the best places for a night of good food and beer. Some of their must-try dishes are the Breaded Erie Perch & Fries, Southern Fried Catfish Po’boy, Sweet Cheezus Burger, and the Chicken Fried Chicken & Chips, among others. Their servings are pretty generous too, so you and your date should probably either work up an appetite or split a dish!

The Ship doesn’t close until 11 PM from Sunday to Thursday and 2 AM from Friday to Saturday. So if you’re looking for a place to burn the night away with your date, this is the place to be.

9. Take a Boat Tour at Hamilton Harbour Queen

Take a Boat Tour at Hamilton Harbour Queen

The Hamilton Harbour Queen is a great place for some dining, sightseeing, and romantic evenings overlooking the harbour. You can even rent out a boat and take a quick tour around the western waters of Lake Ontario. Some of the boats also have some great live band music to make the night even more romantic.

10. Catch a Show or Performance at FirstOntario Concert Hall

Catch a Show or Performance at FirstOntario Concert Hall

Any couple with a shared love for the performing arts will definitely enjoy a show or two at the First Ontario Concert Hall. Previously known as Hamilton Place, this venue is home to a wide array of acts all year round. On top of music events and concerts, FirstOntario Concert Hall also hosts comedy standups, orchestra performances, and many more. To check out their schedule of events, visit Core Entertainment’s website.

Honourable Mentions

  • Pick a great restaurant along King William Street’s restaurant row — A romantic dinner in some of the best Hamilton restaurants will never be a bad idea
  • Check out Irving Zucker Sculpture Park
  • Watch a play at the Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre
  • Head Out to Hamilton Lake or Waikato River
  • Get a few beers or try some wine pairings at the Brux House — They have a great dinner menu too!
  • Head over to Ancaster Mill for brunch
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