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The 10 Best Divorce Lawyers in Edmonton [2024 Rankings]

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Divorces are emotionally challenging and logistically difficult. It is important to hire a divorce lawyer who is skilled, experienced, and understanding.

As much as we try to avoid it, there are times when separation seems to be the best course for married couples. Hiring a divorce lawyer to handle this situation should be the first step taken. That way, you can safely discuss and work out details such as child custody, spousal support, separation agreements, children visiting rights, property division, and so on. Read on to learn about the ten best Edmonton divorce lawyers.

1. Spectrum Family Law Alberta

Spectrum Family Law Alberta

Spectrum is an accomplished family law firm in Edmonton specializing in family law issues ranging from divorce to child support to wills and estates. They have a number of free resources for people seeking a divorce in Edmonton so that they feel prepared and informed before reaching out for a consultation.

Former clients have reported top-rate professionalism and care from Spectrum lawyers. 

Address: 205, 10216 – 124th Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 866-858-9897 (toll free)

Email address:


2. Kolinsky Law

Kolinsky Law

Kolinsky Law is a highly-lauded law firm with some of the best divorce lawyers serving the Edmonton region. Founded by Edmonton native David Kalinsky, the firm won Best Business three years in a row from Three Best Rated and has a Best in Edmonton award.

Kolinsky’s divorce lawyers have experience and wide-ranging knowledge to negotiate even the most contentious divorces. Clients have given Kolinsky Law five-star ratings, citing the firm’s unparalleled personalized attention.

Address: 212A – 10807 Castle Downs Road, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 780-757-6400

Email address:


3. Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group

Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law Group

Crerar Badejo Hagen Family Law group (CBH) is an all-woman-partner law firm in Edmonton. Their divorce lawyers have upwards of forty years of experience between them and offer multifaceted and comprehensive legal support for divorces at each stage of the process.

Clients share that CBH lawyers are straightforward, transparent, and compassionate, remarking that the firm was able to achieve their clients’ desired case outcomes for divorces both in and out of court.

Address: 7341 Roper Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 780-760-1388


4. Miller Boileau Family Law Group

Miller Boileau Family Law Group

Miller Boileau Family Law Group offers clear and concise legal resources for clients seeking a divorce in Edmonton. They prioritize keeping divorces out of court to avoid escalated stress, and offer stellar legal representation if a family conflict has no other option but to face the discernment of a judge.

Miller Boileau lawyers are affiliated with Registered Family Lawyers, Collaborative Divorce Alberta, Alberta Family Mediation Society, and Family Mediation Canada. Clients have rated this firm highly, shouting out their high esteem and respect for all of their clients facing the difficult process of divorce.

Address: 10981 127 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 780-482-2888


5. Verhaeghe Law

Verhaeghe Law

Verhaeghe Law group is a full-service, wide-spectrum law firm that handles a variety of cases, including divorce settlements. They are committed to addressing the individual needs of each client through relationship-building and trust. 

Edmonton-based divorce lawyers on the Verhaeghe Law team include Timothy Verhaeghe, Bradley Smith (Partner), Warren Smith (Partner), and Brook Mishna (just a few among Verhaeghe’s extensive team!). Verhaeghe Law Office has hundreds of glowing reviews reporting professionalism and clarity for confusing divorce processes.

Address: 10525 170 Street, Suite 203, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 587-410-2500

Email address:


6. Coley Hennessy Cassis Law Group

Coley Hennessy Cassis Law Group

The Coley Hennessy Cassis Law group specializes in Family Law, Real Estate, and Wills & Estates. Their partners look for reasonable, action-driven negotiations without resorting immediately to court litigation. CHC lawyers are members of the Collaborative Divorce Association of Alberta.

CHC divorce lawyer Rose-Marie Cassis (Partner) has been practicing since 1994. Her clients describe her as an expert who believes in personal relationships over profit.

Address: 3132 Parsons Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 780-468-2551


7. Latitude Family Law

Latitude Family Law

Latitude Family Law specializes only in family legal matters. Their divorce lawyers in Edmonton have experience working with contentious divorces that include family violence. Latitude handles even the most sensitive divorce proceedings with the utmost professionalism and care.

Another all-women partnered law firm, reviewers share that Latitude Family Law operates with honesty and graciousness for clients encountering a difficult period in their lives.

Address: 425, 10114 100A Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number:  +1 780-784-0628


8. Cailloux Family Law

Cailloux Family Law

Cailloux Family Law is another firm that deals exclusively with family legal matters, including divorce. With extensive experience navigating the Alberta court system for divorce proceedings, Cailloux carefully outlines the divorce process in the state of Alberta for prospective clients, then connects them to Cailloux’s experienced lawyers.

Cailloux has a recommendation from Best in Edmonton as one of the top five family law groups. Clients share ample gratitude for Cailloux Lawyers’ warmth, support, and efficiency. 

Address: 1800 Sun Life Place, 10123-99 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 780-424-0812

Email address:


9. Demas Schaefer Family Lawers

Demas Schaefer Family Lawers

The Edmonton-based divorce lawyers at Demas Schaefer are fully committed to finding equitable and fair solutions for all their clients. Demas Schaefer lawyers have comprehensive family legal experience, and many specialize in divorce.

Demas Schaefer divorce lawyers have experience in high-conflict litigation and court proceedings, as well as arbitration and mediation out of court. Former clients report that Demas Schaefer completely exceeded their expectations with their attention to detail and expertise.

Address: 9707 102 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 780-423-2643

Email address:


10. Healey Law

Healey Law

With legal services that range from real estate to prenuptial agreements, Healey Law group has top-rate divorce lawyers for Edmonton clients. Divorce lawyer Jonathan Healey strives to represent his clients’ interests and reach amicable decisions during difficult life transitions. 

With over 30 years of experience in divorce law, the Healey Law group can meet the needs of high-stress divorce proceedings. Client reviews include consistent mentions of Jonathan Healey’s patience, trustworthiness, and advocacy.

Address: 10530 110 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone number: +1 780-439-7700


Get the Legal Help You Need

Divorces are never easy, so it is important to hire a lawyer who will be in your corner. Reach out to any of these top ten divorce lawyers in Edmonton to begin the next chapter of your life with a team of professionals who have your best interests at heart.

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