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The 10 Best Romantic Date Ideas in Ottawa

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Are you searching for ideas for a great romantic date? We have found ten of the best date ideas in Ottawa. 

A romantic date night is about spending time together. Thankfully, the Ottawa region abounds with the best places for live music, fun activities, great dinners, and a wide variety of other romantic things you can do with your date. These top ten picks range from relaxing dinners to exciting adventures. Try these fun date ideas and you’re sure to have a great time with your special someone. Check them out, and choose the ones that best fit your personality!

1. Enjoy a Movie at the Drive-In Experience Ottawa

Drive-In Experience Ottawa

You can watch a movie from the privacy of your vehicle at one of Drive-In Experience’s Ottawa two locations. The experience is a great place to enjoy each other’s company and avoid crowded movie theatres. They offer one movie per night, five nights a week. In addition to the films, they also feature concerts and comedy shows that you can watch to your hearts’ fulfillment.

You can grab your snacks, snuggle up and enjoy a movie without interruptions. They offer wireless FM audio transmission, so you will be able to enjoy the film at the volume you prefer. Besides, you will have the chance to speak to your date during the movie without interrupting others around you.

2. Concert on a Pirate Ship

Pirate Life Ottawa

If you want to impress your date, take them on a pirate ship! Another fantastic romantic date idea is listening to a concert on a pirate ship. Pirate Life offers intimate shows featuring up-and-coming vocalists on a pirate ship sailing across the Toronto Harbor. The experience lasts about sixty minutes.

The pirate ship usually accommodates only forty guests, so you will have a charming and intimate experience. You can even dress up to make your adventure more realistic. You will fall in love as you listen to the great music and enjoy the spectacular views from the water.

3. Dance Lessons

Dance With Us Ottawa

People who enjoy romance but need something a little more active can try dance lessons at Dance With Us Ottawa. Challenge yourself and learn how to dance or improve your dance skills with your partner. Dance With Us Ottawa is the perfect place for a fun and relaxed environment to learn the latest dance moves.

You can take classes or have private lessons to learn some of the most romantic dances that you and your partner will love to practice. Learning a new dance will make future dates easier to plan because you will have to go out and take the opportunity to show off your danceability.

4. 44-Course Tasting Menu at Atelier

Atelier Ottawa

If you love sitting down to a great meal, you should consider treating your partner to a 44-course meal at Atelier. Atelier is a fine dining restaurant that serves new Canadian cuisine with the most modern culinary techniques. You will get the opportunity to sample forty-four different dishes. This wonderful dining experience usually takes about four hours.

You will be able to taste new foods and experience new wines. Four hours of meals will undoubtedly keep the conversation fresh, and you and your partner will make memories of this one-of-a-kind dining experience. You can make plans to try your favourites again.

5. Visit Dow’s Lake

Dow’s Lake Ottawa

Another excellent romantic date idea is to visit Dow’s Lake, an artificial lake in the city center of Ottawa. You can stop by your favourite deli to pack a picnic basket to take along. Add a great bottle of wine, and you have everything you need for one of the most romantic dates of your life. You can eat while enjoying the fantastic scenery.

After your meal, you can take a stroll around the lake or rent a canoe or kayak and enjoy the lake. You can also find a quiet spot for some quality conversation. You will find your time at Lake Dow relaxing and entertaining.

6. Rideau Falls

Rideau Falls Ottawa

Enjoying the sights of Rideau Falls is another romantic way to spend your evening. Rideau Falls are two waterfalls found where the Rideau River falls into the Ottawa River, and the spectacular sights are even more impressive when lit up at night.

You and your partner can book a day cruise that will pass by Rideau Falls. You can enjoy the scenes from the deck while enjoying a cold beverage. Another more active way to take in the views of the waterfalls is by taking a bike tour. You can safely ride and enjoy the sights.

7. National Gallery of Canada

National Gallery of Canada

For those seeking a more cultural experience, visiting the National Gallery of Canada can be a very romantic outing. Art lovers will appreciate the most extensive collection of Canadian Art in the world. Discovering new art together will be a thrilling and intimate experience. This gallery has temporary exhibitions, so there is always something new to explore.

You and your partner can use the open studio to express your creativity. You can also stroll through the gallery and enjoy the exhibitions. The gallery also offers presentations from different artists and scholars. The shared appreciation for art and culture can create a strong bond between partners.

8. Picnic at Strathcona Park

Strathcona Park

Strathcona Park is one of the most breathtaking parks in the city of Ottawa. Visiting the park is a relaxing way to spend time with your significant other, and you can stroll through walking paths and enjoy a romantic walk together.

Make this adventure even more romantic by choosing the food you want to bring for a picnic. There are many fields where you can spread a blanket and enjoy an intimate meal and perhaps a bottle of wine or dine on a picnic table. You will love the serenity of this park. Couples will enjoy getting to know each other in this peaceful atmosphere.

9. Classic Theatre Show

Ottawa Little Theatre

A unique idea for a romantic date is to visit Ottawa Little Theatre. You and your partner will enjoy the intimate ambiance of the small theatre to enjoy contemporary live productions. This theatre produces nine plays each season, and they are plays of mystery, comedy, drama, and farce. Local playwrights can showcase their talent in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

You can enjoy a great night of entertainment in a small, relaxed venue. Intermissions offer you a chance to reenergize with a drink in the fully licensed lobby. You and your date can enjoy classic theatre while enjoying each other’s company.

10. Experience a Zip Line

Interzip Rogers

Couples that want a little excitement with their romance should try the zip line at Interzip Rogers. You will love it! It is an exhilarating zip line experience that makes it possible to go from Gatineau to Ottawa. Couples can travel down the zip line side by side at speeds nearing 25 miles per hour. 

For couples looking for an adrenaline rush, this zipline experience is one of the many great date ideas you can try out. You and your partner will love the view of the city and its surrounding, and you can even film your experience so you can cherish the memory.

Honourable Mentions

  • Walk hand-in-hand through Lansdowne Park, Gatineau Park, or Byward Market
  • Make your way to Rideau Canal Skateway
  • Check out other restaurants and cafes along Little Italy and Downtown Ottawa
  • Grab a bottle of craft beer over at Evergreen Craft Ales or Tooth and Nail
  • Tour Ottawa’s famous Parliament Hill
  • Watch a show at the National Arts Centre
  • Have a popup picnic Runaway Picnic
  • Play some fun escape games at Escape Manor
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