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Our Guide to the 10 Best Cups of Coffee in Hamilton

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If you’re the type of person who can’t imagine a day without coffee or just love spending an afternoon at a cafe with an awesome vibe, what you need is a list that will help drive that caffeine rush. That’s why we came up with a list of the best cups of coffee that you can enjoy around Hamilton. 

For all the coffee lovers around the Hamilton area and the surrounding regions, you’ll be happy to know that this city has a great coffee culture. There’s always somewhere to go for an American, Flat White, Latte, Cold Brew, or any type of high-quality coffee drink that suits your fancy. 

So without further ado, here is a guide to the top ten best coffee shops around Hamilton.

1. Detour Coffee Roasters

Detour Coffee Roasters

Detour Cafe’s cups of coffee bring the best of brews from places like Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, and many more. This quaint coffee place has a fantastic shop as well as a subscription service that can send bags of fresh coffee beans and/or grinds to your home’s doorstep. 

Detour Cafe started back in 2009 out of a small back alleyway in Dundas, Ontario. The coffee business started out of love for the art of coffee. Today, it’s become a one-stop shop for all coffee needs and takes care of sourcing, roasting, brewing, serving, and educating in-house. The cafe also has a food that they rotate regularly to highlight seasonal eats that bring the best out of local ingredients.

Address: 41 King St W, Dundas, ON L9H 1T5, Canada

Phone: +1 289-238-8184


2. Smalls Coffee

Smalls Coffee

Smalls Coffee is a quaint little coffee shop where you can get dine-in and take-away coffee and tea. On top of their stellar coffee drinks, Smalls also hosts a cute collection of merchandise that many of their regulars love to patronize. Smalls Coffee also has a small line of great-tasting coffee beans that you can order in their store or online on their website. 

Address: 8 Cannon St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 1Z5, Canada


3. Mulberry Coffeehouse

Mulberry Coffeehouse

Mulberry Street Coffeehouse started back in August of 2010 with a desire to bring happiness to their customers by providing top-quality coffee drinks, food, and experiences. Some of the great things this cafe is known for are goods, homemade dishes, local craft beer, wine selections, and organic coffee. The cafe also has a unique design and ambiance that pays homage to the heritage of its building. From time to time, the venue also hosts local art, music, and performing arts events. 

Mulberry Coffeehouse also has a social responsibility project that gives a portion of its proceeds regularly to the bird habitats across Latin America. Their coffee is also certified bird-friendly and organic, ensuring guests that their drinks don’t leave a harmful carbon footprint.

Address: 193 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L2, Canada

Phone: +1 905-963-1365


4. Emerald Coffee Co.

Emerald Coffee Co.

Emerald Coffee Co. is a nice and cozy neighbourhood coffee shop that serves some of the best coffee, baked goods, and homemade lunch options among many other things. The shop is located in the iconic Barton Village shopping square and has a little coffee shop along the sidewalk that’s perfect for someone looking for accessible and quality coffee fixes. 

The coffee shop also supports gay pride movements and uses its channels to proudly present that. So if you have a heart for gender equality, then this might be a cafe you’d love to support.

Address: 340 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 2X7, Canada

Phone: +1 289-426-2449


5. Vintage Coffee Roasters

Vintage Coffee Roasters

Along King Street is yet another coffee roaster that exists for a good cause. Vintage Coffee Roasters believes in the value of sourcing green coffee transparently. The cafe sources only coffee that has been grown and processed ethically and responsibly. Accordingly, the company does extensive research on its sourcing to ensure that coffee doesn’t only meet the top-quality standard but keeps fair sustainability standards and builds key relationships with farmers.

Vintage Coffee does more than serve coffee. They’re out to build a community that will positively impact other local businesses and contribute to enriching Hamilton’s culture and work. They also have friendly staff that are more than ready to accommodate customers. 

Address: 977 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8M 1C3, Canada


6. Ark + Anchor Espresso Bar

Ark + Anchor Espresso Bar

Founded back in 2015 by friends and business partners Patrick Guilbault and Yigi Chang, Ark + Anchor quickly became familiar faces in the local coffee industry. The company has created a strong reputation because of its focus on exceptional customer service and great quality coffee. The Ark + Anchor Espresso Bar is in a perfect spot in the Strathcona neighbourhood and has become a favorite among community circles and professionals in the area.

Apart from their world-class coffee, customers have praised Ark + Anchor for its lovely space and delicious food. Their Yogurt + Granola, Hummus Sandwich, and Avocado + Egg Toast are our personal recommended must-tries.

Address: 300 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 1B1, Canada

Phone: +1 365-925-0136


7. RELAY Coffee Roasters

RELAY Coffee Roasters

RELAY Coffee is a quiet and nice little coffee shop started by husband and wife, Jason and Rachel Hofing. The Roaster has committed itself to roast fair trade-certified organic coffee from various origins. The company believes in promoting economic independence among coffee farmers. RELAY Coffee also promotes community development, environmental protection, and amazing coffee!

Address: 27 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A1, Canada

Phone: +1 905-971-1973


8. The Cannon

The Cannon

The Cannon is yet a great place for coffee in the heart of Hamilton that goes over and beyond to ensure quality coffee and service. On top of their stellar line of coffee drinks, they also provide and distribute coffee gear for anyone that wants to get into brewing their own drinks at home, including grinders, chemex coffee makers, and so much more. The Cannon also has a great value-for-money subscription plan for those who want to get their coffee regularly without hassle.

Address: 179 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Z4, Canada


9. Phin Coffee Bar

Phin Coffee Bar

Phin Coffee Bar is one of the best places if you’re looking for a coffee shop and multi-roaster in Hamilton coffee lovers and enthusiasts should definitely check out. The cafe exists for the pursuit of “the perfect cup of coffee.” The core value that runs Phin Coffee bar is the belief that there’s always room for improvement. Accordingly, the shop is always trying new things to bring out the best flavors and methods that elevate the local coffee game.

Address: 804 King St W Unit 1, Hamilton, ON L8S 1K1, Canada


10. Durand Coffee

Durand Coffee

The last perfect place for coffee on this list is Durand Coffee, a space that people love to frequent because of its perfect vibe and commitment to great experiences. The Durand Space is made available for event bookings and private events. They also have a bottle shop that serves and delivers top-notch beers and cocktails. Durand Coffee is also available for catering if you need good coffee and food in another location.

Address: 142 Charlton Ave W, Hamilton, ON L8P 2C7, Canada

Phone: +1 905-393-9150


Honourable Mentions

  • Saint James Espresso Bar
  • Signal Coffee Co
  • Steeltown Garage Co — While it’s an apparel shop, they actually have some great coffee too!
  • Redchurch Cafe and Gallery
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