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The 10 Best Restaurants to Dine Out in Hamilton (Ranked)

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Kalina Izabela
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Hamilton is home to some amazing restaurants that serve up food that will not disappoint. The many cuisines that the city has to offer will ensure anyone in the city or visiting that you will not run out of dining out (or take out) options anytime soon. 

Whether you’re looking for Italian food, fine dining, prime rib and pulled pork places, American food, seafood, barbecue, french toast, food with local ingredients, vegan options, or any category of gastronomic experience, there’s always something to try across the downtown area, coastal district, or any other section of this great city or the entire Golden Horseshoe. So let’s not wait any longer! Here are some of the best Hamilton restaurants where you’ll have a great time dining at. 

1. La Spaghett Pasta House

La Spaghett Pasta House

For the past twenty years, La Spagett has been offering the people of Hamilton and the neighboring areas some of the best pasta options around. The restaurant now has over thirty options for artisan pasta sauces made entirely from scratch. The La Spagett’s dining area is perfect for practically any occasion— a romantic dinner, a family get-together, a birthday party, or any other ordinary day out for some amazing pasta. You’ll have many reasons to try out this restaurant.

Address: 970 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3A5, Canada

Phone: +1 905-318-8211


2. The French

The French

Are you dying for some excellent French food in the Hamilton area? Then The French might be another great option to check out. The restaurant serves a lot of good things for lunch and dinner on most days and brunch on the weekends. Each meal of the day has a special menu of its own filled with options that are more than able to wow any diner who wants a taste of Europe.

Address: 37 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A1, Canada

Phone: +1 905-528-3737


3. Bon Temps

Bon Temps

Yet another French restaurant makes it to this list because who doesn’t want more of Paris’ finest? At Bon Temps, some of the definite must-tries include the Parisienne Gnocchi, Pan-Seared Brussels, Venison Bourguignon en Croute. If you’re up for something more exciting, the restaurant also serves Frog Legs and Oysters that will blow you away. For reservations, you can visit Bon Temps’ website or contact them through the number provided below.

Address: 61 Young St, Hamilton, ON L8N 1V1, Canada

Phone: +1 905-523-7177


4. Caro


Caro is the result of the passion and dedication of top-tier restauranteur Cory Tower, one of Hamilton’s finest people in the food industry. The restaurant has a light and airy space perfect for an easy meal with a loved one or group of close friends or family. Caro has Italian options for people from Hamilton or visiting on top of a set of highly engaging and friendly staff members and a warm ambiance even in the coldest parts of the winder. 

Address: 4 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Y7, Canada

Phone: +1 905-312-4545


5. The Mule

The Mule

Heading over to The Mule will probably mean that you’re looking to destroy some amazing Chef-inspired Tacos or other entrees on their gluten-free menu. The Mule carries a very vibrant and energetic feel, usually marked by the upbeat music and graffiti-laden walls of this restaurant with a character. We highly recommend going to The Mule during brunch or at the end of the day for some killer cocktails to go along with your Mexican meals.

Address: 41 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A2, Canada

Phone: +1 289-389-2555


6. Berkeley North

Berkeley North

Even with all the new restaurants in the city, Berkeley North is an old favorite that easily stands out. It has been recognized as one of the best restaurants in Southern Ontario. They’ve also received awards for Best service, best food, the best value, and best-handcrafted cocktails. Berkeley North’s signature is a six-course meal that takes guests through a curated experience. But for those looking for smaller meals, there’s definitely a whole selection of great menu options to choose from too. 

Address: 31 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A1, Canada

Phone: +1 905-522-5858


7. The Keg

The Keg

Do you feel like downing a killer steak? Well, The Keg Steakhouse is one restaurant you should definitely check out. Their signature is their Steak and Shrimp and Steak and Lobster platters that will surely bring guests value for money and top-level taste. The Keg also runs a foundation that has helped raise more than $11 million for more than 300 charities across the North America. So dining at The Keg gives you both the satisfaction of great food and ambiance while also knowing you’re dining at a place that does a lot of good for others.

Address: 1170 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3B1, Canada

Phone: +1 905-574-7880


8. Shakespeare’s Steak and Seafood

Shakespeare's Steak and Seafood

Shakespeare’s is another steak place you should not miss if you’re in Hamilton. The restaurant has won many prestigious awards, including the Consumer Choice Award in 2019 and the Seal of Excellence in 2015. Shakespeare’s Steak and Seafood serves some of the most mouth-watering Sirloin Steaks, Rib Eye Steaks, Back Ribs, Calamari, and Shrimp Cocktails in the city. You can also order some great wine choices to go with those champion-level meals.

Address: 181 Main St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1H2, Canada

Phone: +1 905-528-0689


9. Earth to Table: Bread Bar James

Earth to Table: Bread Bar James

Earth to Table: Bread Bar is more than just a restaurant. It’s a great place with a worthy cause. Earth to Table seeks to shorten the gap between producers and consumers. On top of that, the business also serves really really good food. A lot of the foodies in the area love to visit Earth to Table for their all-you-can-eat boozy brunch and winning collection of handcrafted food that pays homage to the ingredients that make every dish possible. Earth to Table: Bread Bar aims to provide the best quality meals with the finest ingredients in Hamilton and beyond.

Address: 14 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2J9, Canada

Phone: +1 905-522-2999


10. HAMBRGR King William

HAMBRGR King William

In 2015, HAMBRGR opened its doors to the public. Since then, much of the city has now understood what quality burgers should be like. Their well-crafted and locally-sourced burgers have made Hamilton the proud home of the HAMBRGR brand that’s been featured on places like Forbes, Food Network, Urbanicity, WestJet Magazine, and so many more. 

HAMBRGR’s best-sellers and must-tries have to be The Classic Brgr, The Biggie Mac, Original #Hamont, Le Royale With Cheese, Hawaiian Punch, and Revenge of Ed Diablo among many other great eats on their massive menu.

Address: 49 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A2, Canada

Phone: +1 289-389-1212


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