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The 10 Best Hair Salons in Toronto (2024 Rankings)

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Are you looking for the best hair salon in Toronto? Then you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you the lowdown on the ten best hair salons in Toronto so you can achieve your hair goals or get an amazing salon experience. 

Choosing a new salon to cover all your hair styling needs shouldn’t be difficult. You want reliability, professionalism, and, most importantly, a good reputation to get your dream look. Fortunately, all the salons on this list have those things and more. They’re some of the best at hair treatments and hair services and put a premium on customer service at average prices.

So without further ado, here are some of the best hair salon services for anyone looking for a great pamper at the parlour salon.

1. Salon Solis

Salon Solis

Located on Yonge Street, Salon Solis was founded by owners Ernesto Domanico and Dino Tolentino in 1998. With nearly five decades of experience between them, they pride themselves on knowing how to properly care for and understand their clients.

Salon Solis offers a plethora of services, ranging from haircuts to total makeovers. Not sure if you’re in the mood for full highlights or balayage? You can take advantage of Salon Solis’ free consultations to determine which color and style are best for you.

Address: 659 Yonge St. 2nd Floor / Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1Z9

Phone: +1 416-962-3999


2. Evolve Hair Studio

Evolve Hair Studio


Evolve Hair Studio is a salon in Toronto that offers hairstyling services for men and women. Owners Jody and Sonia opened Evolve’s doors with the hope of building a sustainable, creative, stress-free environment for their team and clients. Over the years, they’ve mastered their craft and become leaders locally.

Evolve offers all your essential hairstyling services and more. So, whether you need quick barbering or one of their specialty hair colour services, you’ll be covered. What’s best is that there’s no blanket pricing for dye. Instead, Evolve only charges you for the dye you use.

Address: 40 Fort york Blvd / Toronto, Ont M5V 3Z3

Phone: +1 647-345-7049


3. ēdūcō salon

ēdūcō salon

If you’re looking for the best place to get your balayage done, look no further than ēdūcō. Considered “Toronto’s balayage specialists,” ēdūcō offers a range of services with stylists who spend time getting to know their clients. 

The best part about ēdūcō is that you can get to know their stylists ahead of time. Simply head over to their site and read the bios for each staff member. Then, book with the one who suits your needs best. With stylists specialising in extensions, curly hair, balayage, and more, you’re sure to find someone who fits.

Address: 2361 Yonge St. / Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2E6

Phone: +1 416-482-4247


4. Hair By David & Co.

Hair By David & Co.

Hair By David & Co. is a full-service cut and colour salon founded by David Newman. With more than two decades of experience, David has built his salon and curated a team of experts and educators who provide all types of specialised looks. 

This salon offers a range of cutting and colouring services. You can choose a basic cut, a complex updo, or a colour refresh with the stylist of your choice. Simply visit the Booking page to find the stylist who provides what you need.

Address: 501-477 Richmond St. West / Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1Z9

Phone:+1 416-913-2146


5. N15 Salon  

N15 Salon

Founded in 2015 by Hiroki Sugita, N15 Salon focuses on Japanese hair care techniques. All stylists at N15 are specially trained in all the latest hairstyling advances from Japan and use only Japanese-made products. 

N15 Salon offers a wide variety of more specialised services, including six types of perm and add-on treatments that promote healthy, sleek hair. You can also book an appointment at the Lash & Beauty location to get your brows and lashes looking perfect. 

Address: 831 Bay Street/ Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3M4

Phone:+1 647-748-8820


6. Civello Salon & Spa

Civello Salon & Spa

Civello is a full-service salon and spa that focuses on beauty and wellness. From haircuts and highlights to massages and sensory experiences, Civello offers everything you could need in a salon and spa.

The Civello team always stays right on top of current trends, anticipating clients’ needs quickly. Plus, their Essentials Cut and Colour packages each include a scalp massage and makeup finishing touch to give you the whole beauty spa experience.

Address: 269 Queen StreetW / Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1Z9

Phone: +1 416-977-7755


7. The Curl Ambassadors Curly Hair Salon

The Curl Ambassadors Curly Hair Salon

If you’ve struggled to find a salon that knows how to handle your curls, look no further than The Curl Ambassadors Curly Hair Salon. Whether you have coils, waves, or anything in between, the curl experts there will be able to get your hair looking its best.

The Curl Ambassadors’ goal is to help you feel comfortable with your curls. To help with that, you’ll find a full line of products designed specifically for curly-haired needs. In addition, when you get your cut, color, or treatment, you’ll also get a lesson on how to manage your hair type.

Address: 159 Harbord Street (Main Level) / Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1H1

Phone: +1 416-922-2888


8. The Cellar Salon

The Cellar Salon

Founded by celebrity stylist Aaron O’Bryan, The Cellar Salon is located in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood. Aaron took his experience as a stylist and created a warm, welcoming environment that caters to all hair care needs.

At The Cellar, you’ll find services ranging from dry cuts to balayage to braiding. Whatever your hair type, one of the stylists at The Cellar will be able to accommodate you perfectly. And, if you’re feeling indulgent, you can book a private room to get your hair done in peace.

Address: 559 Parliament Street / Toronto, Ontario, M4X 1P7

Phone:+1 416-925-3292


9. Bob + Paige Salon

Bob + Paige Salon

Bob + Paige Salon is a full-service salon on The Danforth in Toronto. Founders Violet and Frank have taken their years of working in the spotlight and put that experience to work in a salon built for clients.

At Bob + Paige, you’ll find a variety of stylists specialising in all areas. Each has extensive experience in the hair industry and works tirelessly to keep their skills sharp. As a result, you’ll be able to get your hair cut or colored with confidence, knowing you’re in good hands. 

Address: 239 Danforth Avenue / Toronto, Ontario, M4K 1N2

Phone: +1 416-850-9719


10. LOLA Salon

LOLA Salon

LOLA Salon is located on Ossington Avenue in Toronto and has a heavy focus on self-care. The owners and stylists all believe in getting to know their clients in a way that ensures they always leave happy.

LOLA offers a variety of hair cuts, colour services, and treatments tailored to its clients. Prices are based on the level of service you choose and vary based on your hair’s length and the difficulty of your style.

Address: 659 Yonge St. 2nd Floor / Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1Z9

Phone: +1 647-351-5652


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