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Here’s a List of 10 Best Clinics with Botox in Ottawa [Updated]

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Do you want to meet your beauty goals without having to undergo surgery? Then, this article is for you. We’ll talk about a few top picks for Botox Ottawa clinics, and you can see if one of these companies matches what you want. 

Botulinum Toxin, best known as Botox, is a chemical used for cosmetic purposes. It helps get rid of fine lines, glabellar lines, frown lines, wrinkles, facial lines, and other appearance issues around the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, and forehead. It also has a lot of medical benefits as well, such as curing crow’s feet and relaxing facial muscles on the injection site to avoid and treat chronic migraines and headaches.

Getting botox cosmetic treatments is actually quite popular in Ottawa. So if you want to get botox injections, here are ten clinics that you can go to.

1. TosoniMD Dermapure 

TosoniMD Dermapure

Dr. Caroline Tosoni, the founder of TosoniMD, has practiced non-surgical and Botox treatments for over 20 years, offering customized plans for every patient. TosoniMD prides itself on giving refined, noticeable, and natural beauty results. Their team has experienced doctors providing various services, including dermal fillers, anti-acne facials, micro-needling, and more. 

In collaboration with Dermapure, you can get skin treatments at an affordable price. Their professionals guide you through the entire process, giving advice, training, and various products to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

Address: 110A Clarence St., Ottawa, ON K1N 5P6

Phone: +1 613-244-5151


2. Concept Medical

Concept Medical

Concept Medical offers Botox and aims to help people look and feel like their best selves. In addition to their various filler treatments, Concept Medical offers laser hair removal, photorejuvenation, and skin tightening. Their team has professional and enthusiastic staff who specialize in safe techniques that produce natural results. 

Concept Medical always puts the customer first, providing a comfortable and safe experience while considering your goals. They use the latest technology and keep your information secure. They have ten years of experience and have performed tens of thousands of injections within that time. 

Address: 1272 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A7

Phone: +1 613-829-1266


3. ElevateRx Medical Aesthetics 

ElevateRx Medical Aesthetics

ElevateRx offers premium medical aesthetic services that enhance your features or treat skin conditions. They have a wide range of services that can fit your needs and conform to what you expect out of your Botox Ottawa experience. ElevateRx’s team gladly walks you through the process and will answer any questions about the procedure. 

Not only can you find injectables here, but other health treatments, teeth whitening, hair loss, and wellness therapies. They’re the biggest provider of skin treatments and Botox in the Ottawa area.

Address: 164 Lebreton St. N, Ottawa, ON K1R 7H8

Phone: +1 613-518-1942


4. The Ottawa Skin Clinic

The Ottawa Skin Clinic

Ottawa Skin Clinic wants every patient to feel good both inside and out. This business was the Top Choice Cosmetic Clinic of 2022 and for previous years. They use updated technology and techniques to help you achieve your desired look. 

Their physicians, nurses, and other staff are highly qualified and perform a wide range of services, including Botox, Coolsculpting, and dermal fillers. Ottawa Skin Clinic has reasonable prices for their treatments and offers consultations to determine what could work best for you.   

Address: 349 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, ON K1K 2Z7

Phone: +1 613-745-7546


5. Dermis Advanced Skin Care Ottawa

Dermis Advanced Skin Care Ottawa

Dermis Advanced Skin Care uses the best technology that ensures your comfort while achieving noticeable results. Their experts have proper licensure and certifications, passionately sharing their methodology every step of the way.

The clinic’s treatments range from Botox to body contouring to fat reduction to laser hair removal. All of their services are non-invasive, and they offer multiple products to support your healthy skincare routine. 

Address: 116 Albert St. #110, Ottawa, ON K1P 5G3

Phone: +1 613-233-7546


6. Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Center of Ottawa

Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Center of Ottawa

The Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Center’s goals are to rejuvenate, relax, and re-energize your skin. Their professional team has years of experience under their belt and are constantly staying updated on best practices. 

Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Center has earned a spot amongst the highest-ranking companies for their care and results. Their sociable team offers a range of cosmetic services, including facial contouring, anti-ageing rejuvenation, and skin rejuvenation. 

Address: 1919 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 1A2

Phone: +1 613-706-1971


7. Luxe Beauté Clinic Canada – Cosmetic Dermatology

Luxe Beauté Clinic Canada - Cosmetic Dermatology

Luxe Beauté Clinic Canada has a team of registered nurse practitioners who specialize in several fields and have trained abroad, including Russia and France. 

A few of their services include anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, lifts, hair-loss restoration, injections, and weight loss therapy. You can choose between individual or bundle treatments.

Address: 25 Murray St., Ottawa, ON K1N 9M5

Phone: +1 613-793-8987


8. The Cosmetic Clinic

The Cosmetic Clinic

Founded in 2019, the Cosmetic Clinic aims to combine science and art while maintaining a trusting and comforting environment for clients. Their team only uses approved medical devices, employing professionals who deliver natural-looking results. 

Their services include neuromodulators, fillers, skincare, and chin sculpting. The staff takes time to do each job right, learning more about the ever-evolving technology and research in this field. They put the utmost importance into your safety, with each employee having consistent training and following protocols. 

Address: 900 Greenbank Rd., Suite 204, Nepean, ON K2J 1S8, Canada

Phone: +1 613-913-2248


9. Glowtox Treatments Inc.

Glowtox Treatments Inc.

Glowtox stands out from the rest because they offer in-home treatment for fixed prices depending on the area you want to target. After booking a treatment or a consultation, the physician approves the process, and a registered nurse shows up at your doorstep. 

This clinic offers video consultations, and you get the luxury of staying in your own home. After the Botox process, they can return in a few weeks if you need any adjustments. 

Address: 770 Broadview Ave., Ottawa, ON K2A 3Z3

Phone: +1 613-800-6649


10. Capital Aesthetics Clinic

Capital Aesthetics Clinic

Capital Aesthetics Clinic treats your satisfaction as their main goal, offering services that restore, enhance, and rejuvenate your skin. They deliver personalized care, offering consultations to understand your lifestyle more before matching you with an appropriate plan. 

Their results are subtle and natural without having to undergo surgery. The clinic’s team is with you every step of the way, guiding your choices and ensuring you’re happy with the results. They only use approved products and stay informed with advancements in the beauty industry to give you peace of mind.

Address: 629 Parade Dr., Stittsville, ON K2S 0Y7, Canada

Phone: +1 613-355-1455


Final Thoughts

When considering Botox in Ottawa, you must find a clinic that will meet your needs and ensure your goals are realized. These ten clinics have the finest Botox experts in the city, so you can be confident you’ll find a team of experts that will meet your vision and give you only the best results.

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