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Top 10 Massage Therapists in Edmonton [Updated]

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Life can leave you stressed, tight, and in pain. Sometimes all your body needs is a forced hour of rest and a good massage. However, if you’ve never received a massage before, you might not know how to decide on a good massage therapist. Don’t worry!  We have created a list of some of the best massage therapy clinic choices in Edmonton.

If you’re dying to get a hot stone massage, Craniosacral therapy, Swedish massage, or any relaxation massage, then it’s always best to go to a registered massage therapist (RMT) or a team of them. Getting the best massage therapy is an investment in your wellness. Think of it as a treatment that will help you relax and destress in-between seasons of busyness. Massages can help alleviate muscle tension, provide myofascial release, and simply give you an hour or two of rejuvenation so you can face tomorrow’s troubles with a fresh set of eyes!

Of course, you want to be sure you’re going to a massage therapist that gives clients the best service and has a commitment to providing top-notch service. We’ve done the work for you and found the 10 best massage therapists in Edmonton.

1. A Healing Touch Massage Therapy 

A Healing Touch Massage Therapy 

If you are an athlete, you need a massage therapist with athletic knowledge and a variety of plans. Anyone suffering from injuries based in athletics should try A Healing Touch Massage Therapy. The owner, Kory, is a former athlete and uses multiple techniques to increase the effectiveness of his massages. 

From suction cup therapy to massages to heat therapy, A Healing Touch will provide you with the relaxation and healing that you need. Of course, if you only want a hands-on massage and aren’t comfortable with cups or any other type, you might want to try another place. 

Address: 12328 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5N 0L9, Canada

Phone: +1 780-554-7979


2. Therapeutic Body Concepts

Therapeutic Body Concepts

Therapeutic Body Concepts focuses on you, the customer, and making sure that your body is as relaxed as it possibly can be. With multiple different specialists, from acupuncturists to massage therapists, Therapeutic Body Concepts has a lot to offer you on your personalised health plan. 

When you sign up for a massage schedule, you will meet with the professionals at TBC and tell them exactly what you want. With their advice and your preferences, you’ll be able to come up with the perfect massage plan. 

Address: 15131 110 Ave NW Edmonton, AB, T5P 1E1, Canada 

Phone: +1 780-456-1868


3. Revive Massage Therapists

Revive Massage Therapists

While both of the preceding massage therapists have multiple techniques and services, Revive Massage Therapists have a single focus: hands-on massages. If you are looking for a simple massage therapist without any personalised health plan or extra services, this is the place for you. 

Revive Massage Therapists have several masseuses ready to help your body get as relaxed and comfortable as it possibly can be. They have a separate acupuncturist and cup therapist, but the majority of the salon is focused on hands-on massages. 

Address: 9509 156 St NW Suite #311 Edmonton, T5P 4J5, Canada

Phone: +1 780-705-7279


4. Jasper 124 Massage Therapy

Jasper 124 Massage Therapy

Jasper 124 Massage Therapy is located near Oliver just outside of Edmonton and offers everything from couples massages to sports massages. Whether you are extremely tight from the stresses of life or recovering from an injury, you’ll be able to find relief with the massage therapists at Jasper 124. 

Unlike many massage therapists, Jasper 124 will bill through insurance. Depending on the type of injury you have or what your insurance will cover, you might not have to pay as much for your massages. 

Address: 12411 Jasper Ave Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3K9, Canada

Phone: +1 780-250-1979


5. Get Knots Therapy

Get Knots Therapy

Get Knots has been in business since 2009 and continues to serve the Edmonton area. This office has three massage experts working to ensure that each client is comfortable, relaxed, and getting the best care possible. 

Get Knots offers pre and post-natal massages, sports massages, trigger point therapy, and regular relaxation or deep tissue massages. You can also receive cup therapy if you so desire, but the main focus of Get Knots is traditional massage therapy for the Edmonton community. 

Address: 13220 St. Albert Trail, Suite #104, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Phone: +1 780-455-7160


6. Indulgence Therapeutic Massage

Indulgence Therapeutic Massage

If you live in South Edmonton and need a new massage therapist, Indulgence Therapeutic Massage is a great place to start. They are very beginner-friendly and understand the intimidation of going into a massage for the first time. 

Indulgence Therapeutic Massage offers traditional and cup massages. With ten professional massage therapists, Indulgence Therapeutic Massage offers a wide range of options. You can choose someone you know or go to a different masseuse every time. This locally owned company has served the community for years. 

Address: 313 Woodvale Road W Edmonton, AB T6L 3Z7, Canada

Phone: +1 780-445-9814


7. Love Your Back 

Love Your Back 

Love Your Back therapeutic massage salon that offers a complete salon experience. In addition to massages, you can indulge in body sculpting, laser hair removal, and mesotherapy (skin therapy). Of course, the main focus for Love Your Back is massage therapy, especially on the back. 

Love Your Back will give you the loosest and most relaxed back muscles you’ve had in years. If you have a tight back, shoulders, or neck, come to Love Your Back to get professional massage therapy. 

Address: 6655 178 St NW # 116 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Phone: ​​+1 780-930-1352

Website: ​​

8. Athlete’s Choice Massage

Athlete’s Choice Massage

If you are an athlete and have recently suffered an injury, Athlete’s Choice Massage is an excellent choice for you. Athletes and sports players often perform better when their muscles are light and loose. Regular massage therapy can increase flexibility and muscle strength, and you shouldn’t miss out. 

Athlete’s Choice Massage offers traditional massages, pressure point massages, osteopathy, and several other athletics-related massages. If you need a massage therapist to work with your occupational or physical therapists, these professionals will help you out. 

Address: 9940 67th Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6E 0P5

Phone: ​​+1 780-433-0550

9. Ware Therapeutic

Ware Therapeutic

Ware Therapeutic offers massages,  acupuncture, and manual osteopathic therapy for a full-body relaxation experience. Whether you need one or more services, you’ll be able to find it all at Ware Therapeutic. 

The professional therapists will work with your specific needs to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Ware Therapeutic is located in Windermere, Edmonton and charges some of the most affordable prices for the services rendered. 

Address: #203 – 6055 Andrews Way SW Edmonton AB T6W 3S9

Phone: ​​+1 780-758-6699

Website: ​​

10. A Touch of Thai Massage

A Touch of Thai Massage

A Touch of Thai is a family-owned and operated massage therapy salon in Edmonton. This company offers everything from quick fifteen-minute massages to entire body relaxers. No matter how much or little time you have, you’ll be able to find a service that fits your schedule. 

A Touch Of Thai has several massage therapists who focus on your specific needs and bodily functions. Whatever your underlying health issue, these men and women will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed the entire time. 

Address: ​​8108 112 Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta

Phone: ​​+1 780-250-5199

Website: ​​

Final Thoughts

Whichever one of these massage therapists you choose, you will end up with a relaxed body and loose muscles. The knots and tightness will be gone, and you’ll be able to heal and relax completely. 


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