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The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Ottawa [2024 Rankings]

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If you need assistance with buying a house or moving into a new residency and obtaining an appropriate mortgage, then this article is for you. We’ll tackle some of the top mortgage brokers in Ottawa so you can feel more confident about your financial future.

Getting the best mortgage rates can be a make-or-break scenario when acquiring a property. With more competitive rates, you pay lesser and therefore save money in the process. Hiring a mortgage broker could help make that happen for you when your shopping for mortgage products. So if you want the best product that offers low rates, here are the top ten mortgage brokers Ottawa has to offer.

1. Ottawa Mortgage Broker – Chris Allard

Ottawa Mortgage Broker Chris Allard

Chris Allard has years of experience, applying award-winning service to those searching for favorable interest rates. Their team collaborates with banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies to make sure that you get the lowest rate for your new property.

Chris Allard was recognised as one of the top 75 mortgage brokers in Canada with thorough expertise in this field. Chris Allard provides residential, commercial, and private mortgages.

This brokerage stays updated with recent trends and rates to better serve clients regardless of your situation. If personal connection and customisation are important to you, consider his services.

Address: 150 Isabella St. #110, Ottawa, ON K1S 1V7, Canada

Phone: +1 613-324-2389


2. Andrew Thake – Ottawa Mortgage Broker

Andrew Thake Ottawa Mortgage Broker

Andrew Thake places your satisfaction at the top of the list. He helps you better understand mortgage solutions and the lingo used when dealing with mortgages and finances. Andrew Thake has over ten years of experience in this industry, building trust with his clients by understanding their individual needs.

His attention to detail and hard work assist in making this entire process smooth and less stressful. He’ll help you find the best mortgage for your lifestyle and can walk first-time home buyers through refinancing and renewals, guiding you to better decisions.

Address: 150 Isabella St. Unit 110, Ottawa, ON K1S 1V7, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-399-2006


3. The Wilson Team – Your Ottawa Mortgage 

The Wilson Team Your Ottawa Mortgage 

The Wilson Team focuses on your future, forming a solid and trusting financial foundation for your needs. The Wilson Team has over two decades of experience being a family-owned and operated business. They aim to put you on the right track towards your future, not feeling weighed down by debts and increasing savings.

They go above and beyond when working with clients, reaching their home buying goals and supporting you long-term for all of your financial needs. The Wilson Team educates customers on mortgages and home ownership, happily answering all your questions.

Address: 174 Wild Senna Way, Ottawa, ON K2J 5Z5, Canada

Phone: +1 613-440-0134


4. The Mortgage Advisors

The Mortgage Advisors

The Mortgage Advisors pride themselves on navigating customers when buying a house for the first time. This process can be intimidating, but their team helps you find the right price, working for you and personalising the experience to fit your goals.

The Mortgage Advisors help new homeowners or those who want to upgrade or downgrade their living space. Once they learn more about your current finances, they create a plan that matches your lifestyle. Their professional team is with you step by step from start to finish, ultimately saving you more money now and in the future. 

Address: 2725 Queensview Dr. #500, Ottawa, ON K2B 0A1, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-591-3591


5. Kristin Stauffer – Dominion Lending Centres 

Kristin Stauffer Dominion Lending Centres 

Dominion Lending Centres has countless members offering free expert advice and making the mortgage process hassle-free so you can focus on the things that matter. Their licenced team handles various mortgage situations, helping first-time home buyers and self-employed workers settle down.

Additionally, Dominion Lending Centres is there for you if you want to upgrade to a new home, refinance your mortgage, or purchase investment properties.

Their professionals have ranked best in the industry with award-winning services and are available anytime to answer questions. Kristin Stauffer is a mortgage broker in Ottawa who supplies various services to make the most out of your finances.

Address: 2197 Riverside Dr. #704, Ottawa, ON K1H 7X3, Canada

Phone: +1 613-759-2157


6. TopRankinMortgages Inc. – Sean Rankin

TopRankinMortgages Inc Sean Rankin

TopRankinMortgages focuses on real estate lending, alongside refinances, purchasing, and construction financing. Sean Rankin has years of experience and knowledge to develop long-lasting relationships with whom he works.

His personalised service reassures clients that they have power in their finances, providing answers to any of their questions regarding home investment. Your comfort is one of the most important aspects, feeling confident through their resources and making the right choices.

Furthermore, TopRankin Mortgages remains open and honest about communication from start to finish, determining what services you’re eligible for.

Address: 2733 Lancaster Rd. Unit 121, Ottawa, ON K1B 4V8, Canada

Phone: +1 613-447-1366


7.  KeyRate Mortgage

KeyRate Mortgage

KeyRate Mortgage streamlines the mortgage process, meaning that you won’t have to pay more than necessary or waste time. Their services are easy to understand and help find you the best rates. They assist first-time home buyers in renewing or refinancing mortgages or obtaining a second mortgage.

KeyRate Mortgage offers comprehensive and customised services, ranking as the top brokerage company in previous years. Their services are fast, friendly, and put the clients first with no hidden fees. Their goal is your satisfaction, working with you and not for a bank, helping you reach your financial dreams.

Address: 45 O’Connor Suite 828, Ottawa, ON K1P 5E1, Canada 

Phone: +1 833-222-2027


8. Debbie Belair 

Debbie Belair 

Debbie Belair makes mortgages easy as one of the most respected brokerages in the Ottawa area. This brokerage has a simple goal: to help you achieve your homeownership dreams. So no matter if you’re a first-time buyer who needs refinancing or renewal options, Debbie Belair can help.

Additionally, Debbie Belair assists in debt consolidation and investment properties. Debbie Belair is with you throughout the easy process and has decades of experience with respectable accreditations to recommend solutions to any situation. Debbie Belair handles all the details, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle and paperwork. 

Address: 150 Isabella St. #110, Ottawa, ON K1S 1V7, Canada 

Phone: +1 613-769-3206


9. Erica Vincelli – Mortgage Professional

Erica Vincelli Mortgage Professional

Erica Vincelli differs from the previous brokers because she gives mortgage advice from the comfort of your own home, modernising the experience. Erica Vincelli has award-winning and licenced services, assisting you with obtaining a mortgage without the stress of a bank.

Her goal is for you to find the best mortgage with a memorable experience, saving you time and money in the long run. Erica Vincelli enunciates the importance of trust, communication, and how exciting owning a home can be after achieving a satisfactory mortgage. Her approach is simple, with three steps to find the best mortgage for you.

Address: 2725 Queensview Dr. #500, Ottawa, ON K2B 0A1, Canada

Phone: +1 613-884-1141


10. Mortgage Alliance – Isko Safic

Mortgage Alliance Isko Safic

Mortgage Alliance supplies instant access to countless lenders and a dedicated team. Finding an appropriate mortgage broker in Ottawa can be challenging, but their team focuses on saving you valuable resources with expert advice and quick approvals. Their team delivers high-quality services, responds promptly, and fulfils your needs.

Every agent takes the time to understand your financial situation and goals before finding a mortgage. The best part is that their consultation services are free, and they suggest various solutions to every need with honesty, responsiveness, and integrity.

Address: 1315 Richmond Rd. Suite 11A, Ottawa, ON K2B 7Y4, Canada

Phone: +1 613-790-0660



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