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Top 10 Home Builders in Edmonton [2024 Rankings]

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The thrill that comes with a new home is often accompanied by selecting a builder for the first time. Whether you’re looking to renovate your house or build a home in Edmonton, Alberta, you’ll need a reliable builder.

Getting dream homes is one of the signs of someone’s success. For many people, it’s a major mission to get a home that they can call theirs. Aspiring homeowners who want to build a house in Edmonton or the surrounding areas will be happy to know you have some great builders you can trust. Getting a new home builder is beneficial because they give you a finished product that fits your needs and unique lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 builders in the city in 2024 to help you get a dream house.

1. Cantiro Home Builders

Cantiro Home Builders

Cantiro Home Builders top the list for their award-winning home designs. They’ve been constructing quality homes to clients for over 20 years and have welcomed more than 30 communities to Edmonton and its environs. Their portfolio contains services ranging from single-family homes to townhomes to duplexes. 

The Edmonton community has recognized them for excellence with several awards. Reviews have praised the builder for their selection of friendly neighborhoods for their new development houses. According to Faisal, a Cantiro Home Builders client, their customer service is responsive and generally good. You can learn more about Cantiro Home Builders from their website below

Address: 17515 108 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1G2, Canada

Phone: +1 780-406-6195

Website: cantiro.ca

2. Alair Homes

Alair Homes

Alair Homes is known for a touch of modernism in its structures. One of the patterns that stand out for this home builder is their ability to take on multiple projects ranging from first-time buyers to high-end customized client preferences. Their flexibility with clients’ budgets is impressive and gives them an edge over other home builders in Edmonton. 

They appear on our list due to their review and references. Many clients trust this company, and Alair’s number of completed homes backs that confidence. The group is fine with you speaking to their previous customers. 

Address: 10536 178 St NW #100, Edmonton, AB T5S 2J1, Canada

Phone: +1 780-809-4501

Website: alairhomes.com

3. Parkwood Master Builder 

Parkwood Master Builder 

A Google review from Spruce Leu tops the list of positive feedback from clients. Leu gave his testimony after working with Parkwood Master Builders to construct his single home. The company exceeded his expectations. 

This particular home builder in Edmonton has competitive prices. Parkwood builders list their prices on their website. The company offers several services, including building single-family homes, duplexes, condos or apartments. They also offer full-service packages for homebuyers who want to purchase a lot and construct a house. The builders also offer many floor plans.

Address: 625 Parsons Rd SW #129, Edmonton, AB T6X 0N9, Canada

Phone: +1 780-436-8118

Website: parkwoodmasterbuilder.com

4. Homes by Avi 

Homes by Avi 

Homes by Avi is an innovative home builder with over 50 years of operation. If you prefer seasoned home builders in Edmonton, Homes by Avi might be the right partner for the next steps. Homes by Avi promises to provide exceptional customer service and deliver many home designs and styles. 

The company provides a wide range of home designs and styles to select from. They several options to choose from when it comes to designing your home. Homes by Avi can design a dream home for you, or they give you the option to make the property. 

Address: 1260 91 St SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0P2, Canada

Phone: +1 587-525-5000

Website: homesbyavi.com

5. Homes by Design Innovations Inc.

Homes by Design Innovations Inc.

The company is a custom home design, premier interior design and building group serving prospective home builders in Edmonton. Homes by Design Innovations Inc. has a rundown of their previous projects on their website with some impressive reviews from clients. 

Homes by Design Inc. offers several home design services, allowing customers to customize their new houses to their liking. The company also offers premier interior design, including customized bedrooms, home office design and home decor.  

Address: 17 Boudreau Rd #80, St. Albert, AB T8N 7K5, Canada

Phone: +1 780-460-2529

Website: designinnovationsinc.com

6. Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes

Clients know Sterling Homes for its quality and personalized services. A standout feature for the company is its large portfolio. The company has recently been expanding. As the group continues to grow, it’ll be interesting to see how the company operates and differentiates itself from the Edmonton market. 

Sterling Homes promises newer experiences for its customers. “Providing Affordable Home Ownership, Without Compromise,” the company has applied this mantra by providing a broad inventory of homes in Edmonton and the surrounding area, different home models, and many move-in-ready homes. With their self-tour service, you can visit any of their properties and check out what they offer. 

Address: 3203 93 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 0B2, Canada

Phone: +1 780-800-7594

Website: sterlingedmonton.com

7. Riptyde 


Riptyde has a unique reputation for installing frames. Frames keep your house intact since they are the skeleton of the home. They list their services as commercial framing and customer home framing services. The company has also diversified its portfolio to include garage construction packages. 

Riptyde is not just a home framer, it’s a full-service commercial contractor. Commercial framing is the process of constructing walls, ceilings, and floors for use in commercial spaces such as offices and retail stores. Some of the services they offer include custom window and door framing, shear and solid wall construction, attic and crawlspace construction, and drywall finishing. 

Phone: +1780-233-7772

Website: riptyde.ca

8. Gill Built Homes

Gill Built Homes

If you’re looking to construct a custom home in Edmonton, Gill Built Homes is the perfect home builder for the project. The family-owned company has solid construction experience with innovative features in its portfolio. They have a strong reputation in the market and have recently been recognized with the prestigious Building Industry Excellence Award (BIE) in the design category in 2017. 

Gill Built has constructed hundreds of homes in the past 10 years and are building more projects every day. With a commitment to quality, they’ve earned the reputation of being one of the best home builders in Edmonton. Visit their website to learn more about their services. 

Address: Glenridding Ravine Wynd SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 1A6, Canada

Phone: +1 780-756-2550

Website: gillbuilthomes.com

9. ArtHouse Residential

ArtHouse Residential

ArtHouse Residential provides a template that allows you to insert features you think would be the right fit for your home. The template then calculates the estimated budget for free. This home builder in Edmonton is committed to constructing a vibrant, modern, and sustainable home for residents in the area. 

Based on their presentations on the ArtHouse website, they like versatile and smart houses. The customer reviews place them as a trusted home builder with several repeat clients placing them on the list of client-focused home builders. ArtHouse has a great team well-deserving of a high client rating.

Address: 10948 80 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 0R1, Canada

Phone: +1 587-415-9390

Website: arthouseresidential.ca

10. Western Living Homes

Western Living Homes

Western Living Homes is a family-owned construction company in Edmonton with 40 years of experience. The company has changed over the years to offer clients sustainable, energy-efficient homes. They assure quality based on a series of certified inspections. 

Western Living Homes has partnered with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program to provide clients with warranties for their homes. This partnership is a guarantee that a buyer won’t be at risk for the construction of homes that are of lower quality. The company is proud to be a part of the community and strives to provide its clients with fantastic properties.

Address: 9877 62 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 0E4, Canada

Phone: +1 780-436-6048

Website: westernlivinghomes.com


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