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10 Best Dog Daycare Centers in Ottawa (Ranked)

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Your dog is a beloved member of your family. Doggy daycare centres are an excellent option for busy dog parents who want to ensure their dogs aren’t lonely or bored at home.

When you go on vacation or need to take a trip for work, where do you leave your faithful furry friends? It’s often a dog lover’s worst nightmare to go out of town because they don’t have anyone in their neighbourhood to leave their dogs with. But, thankfully, Ottawa has several dog boarding places that will treat your pooch as a priority from day one.

A happy dog is a happy owner, so you want to be sure you find the dog daycare team that will take care of your canine companions throughout the duration of their stay. If you’ve been searching for those companies, then the search is over! Here are the ten best dog daycare centers in Ottawa.

1.  Happy Paws Dog Daycare

Happy Paws Dog Daycare

Happy Paws Daycare offers indoor and outdoor settings for your dog to run around and socialize. With an acre of open space for your dog to roam, the owners of Happy Paws are experienced dog sitters who operate out of their home. They maintain an active Facebook page that you can check for in-action photos of your dog at play.

For more information and to arrange daycare, visit the website and fill out the form under the tab “Contact Us / Book Your Appointment”

Address: 2502 Trim Road, Orléans, Ottawa, ON, K4A 3R5

Phone number: +1 613-222-1215

Email address:


2. The Dog House

The Dog House

Anne, the owner and operator of The Dog House, has over 27 years of experience working with dogs in various daycare settings, assuring any dog owner that their pups are in good hands. The Dog House offers a wide range of services for your pup, including some grooming care, baths, and behavioural consultations. Dogs spending their day at the Dog House are in trusted hands at a bungalow house with a fenced-in backyard to explore.

Address: 881 Bellevue Ave., Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5A9

Phone number: +1 613-723-9663

Email address:


3. Westboro Daily Dog Care

Westboro Daily Dog Care

Offering both dog walking and dog daycare, Westboro Daily Dog Care is the work of Nora McLoughlin and Dave Docherty. They use a gentle, no-crate approach for Ottawa dogs in their daycare. McLoughlin and Docherty feed, exercise and water your dogs so they return happy, relaxed, and on their best behaviour.

To schedule your dog’s visit with Westboro Daily Dog Care, email McLoughlin and Docherty.

Phone number: +1 613-422-4836

Email address:


4. Jadzia’s Pet Care

Jadzia’s Pet Care

Jadzia Szerminski and her husband Jim Tsiokos manage Jadzia’s Pet Care. Jadzia offers dog walking services as well as in-home dog daycare. Dog owners can work guilt-free while the husband and wife duo pair at-home comfort with skill and experience so that all dogs in their Ottawa-based daycare are loved, engaged and nourished.

Szerminski encourages dog owners to make reservations for daycare services through Rover or Pawshake. Both links are available on her website.

Address: 313 Donald St., Ottawa, ON, K1K 1M4

Phone number: +1 613-818-7827

Email address:


5. Furry Friends Spa & Daycare

Furry Friends Spa & Daycare

Furry Friends Spa & Daycare is a one-stop shop for a variety of your dog’s needs. There’s a fenced-in outdoor space so your dog can enjoy the outdoors without being on a leash. You can even sign up your dog for a grooming session so the business owners primp and clean your pet by the time you pick them up. Call ahead for daycare availability.

Address: 56 Hawthorne Ave., Ottawa, ON, K1S 0B1

Phone number: +1 613-236-4005

Email address:


6. The Ruff House

The Ruff House

The Ruff House staff all undergo behavioural and pack management training, and there’s an employee with extensive first-aid experience staffed at the facility at all times. They boast over 3,000 square feet of play areas for your energetic and shy pup, and all dogs benefit from constant supervision.

In addition to doggy daycare, The Ruff House also offers grooming, training and nutrition services. To schedule daycare services for your dog, visit the website and create a customer log-in through their portal.

Address: 800 Industrial Ave., Unit 16, Ottawa, ON, K1G 4B8

Phone number: +1 613-260-7833


7. The Canine Clubhouse

The Canine Clubhouse

When you bring your dog for daycare at the Canine Clubhouse, your pet will run, play and socialize under the care of certified trainers. The Canine Clubhouse staff and owners have years of experience between them working with dogs and employing force-free, positive-reinforcement-based communication and training with your pups. Call or email to reserve a spot at The Canine Clubhouse’s dog daycare, or fill out the contact form on their website.

Address: 261 McArthur Ave., Vanier, Ottawa, ON, K1L 6P3

Phone number: +1 613-319-0527

Email address:


8. Spot On Canine

Spot On Canine

Looking for an Ottawa-based doggy daycare that matches your dog’s energetic personality? If your dog struggles in traditional daycare settings, consider Spot On Canine. Spot On Canine offers off-leash hikes for the adventurous dog in your life. 

Spot On Canine staff will pick up your dog from home to join a pack of enthusiastic pets and dog-lovers for a day hike. Your four-legged friend can get the exercise they need while also benefiting from the socialization of doggy daycare. Spot On Canine currently serves select Ottawa areas. Check online to make sure you fall within their service zones.

Phone number: +1 613-483-4305

Email address:


9. Mutts n Pups Doggy Day Care

Mutts n Pups Doggy Day Care

Mutts n Pups Doggy Day Care in Westboro Village is a crate-free daycare facility. Dogs visiting Mutts n Pups are supervised and can romp around in their play structures, secure outdoor space, and with their specialized dog toys. 

Julie, the owner and operator of Mutts n Pups, has extensive dog-care experience and maintains an intimate and safe pack to ensure that your canine gets individualized attention. 

Address: 349 Danforth Ave., Ottawa ON, K2A 0E1

Phone number: +1 613-762-1398

Email address:


10. Your Dog’s Best Friend

Your Dog’s Best Friend

Hannah is your dog’s best friend. Offering both play-time walks and longer care options, Your Dog’s Best Friend gives all canines in their care off-leash, secure outdoor play and unlimited water and treats. Your Dog’s Best Friend also has spa and grooming services, including knot and burr removal and paw and face trims. 

For any service, Hannah sends worried dog parents up-to-date photos and videos to reassure their pet is having the time of its life. Visit the website and click on the “Sign Up” page to get started.

Phone number: +1 613-341-6646

Email address:



Whether your pet is young, old, excitable, or shy, there are many dog daycare centers in Ottawa to choose from! Reach out to any of these stellar dog care facilities to find the best space for your furry friend.

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