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The 10 Best Bars for a Night Out in Hamilton (Ranked)

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A long day or week of work can often merit a night out at a local bar to enjoy drinks with some workmates or friends.

If you’re looking for a bar after a hard day at work, on a trip with family, or just looking for a place to unwind, there area many great bars to choose from in Hamilton. You can choose from local bar, sports bar, or winery options in Downtown Hamilton, Victoria street, or any other part of the city to enjoy.

But with all the options available, it’s a good thing you’ve landed on the right list! Along Hamilton’s busiest streets and avenues, you’ll find a series of bars that promise a lively night of fun and unwinding. So if you need a pub to visit that serves great drinks, has a great ambiance, and a community you can meet and enjoy a drink or two with, here’s a list of the Hamilton’s best bars for a night out in Hamilton. 

1. The Capitol Bar

The Capitol BarIf you’re looking for a great bar with choice local musical acts and live music, The Capitol Bar is one of the best places to go in Hamilton. Some of their signature cocktails and concoctions include The Last Word, Bourbon Sour, The Bronx, Caipirinha, The Rose Garden, and so on. The Capitol Bar isn’t just a place with great drinks. It’s a go-to for some great late-night grubs as well. 

The Capitol Bar also has some great vegetarian and vegan food options to appease the taste buds, ensuring they have something for everyone. Their entire menu is available for takeout, including their beer, wine, and cocktails.

Address: 973 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8M 1C3, Canada

Phone: +1 289-389-1001

Website: thecapitolbar.com

2. Odds Bar

Odds Bar

Odds is a local bard located on James Street South in the downtown area of the city. There’s a great set of eats and bar favourites at the location, including tons of signature dishes, craft beers, and cocktails. Their most famous meal has to be the Pizza Pocket Bao, which regulars love to others. The bar has a great patio for dinner, late-night drinks, and a great time with the workmates and girlfriends too!

You can also watch the game at Odds Bar as they pride themselves in being the “most inclusive spot to watch the game.”

Address: 164 James St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 3A2, Canada

Phone: +1 905-529-4445

Website: oddsbar.ca

3. Bar 54

Bar 54

One of the things that make Bar 54 so appealing is its staff. Many of the locals love to visit the place because of the bright and pleasant personalities their team members have. The Bar 54 ambiance carries a very comfortable and inviting environment where anyone who walks in— even if it’s their first time— will most likely feel welcome at the get-go. Their selections of day specials and food items make for another reason to visit Bar 54.

Address: 935 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 3C4, Canada

Phone: +1 289-389-1967

Website: restaurantguru.com/Bar-54-Hamilton

4. Bar Sazerac


Bar Sazerac

Bar Sazerac is one of the more unique bars in the area, given how well it tells a story through its menu items and space. The Sazerac menu, for instance, tells an intertwined story that draws you into many parts of their food selections! The Bar Sazerac experience also includes a set of cocktail kits that you can pick up for a “pocket-sized” night out with some drinks and easy eats. Bar Sazerac also likes to feature local visual artists and uses its space as a gallery to celebrate some of their best works. 

Address: 278 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L3, Canada

Phone: +1 905-869-1144

Website: barsazerac.ca

5. The Judge

The Judge

The Judge is a great space that gives customers a little taste of a classic pub and a whole selection of visually and gastronomically stellar dishes. Their food selections go really well with the whole array of cocktail drinks and draught beers that the place has to offer. People like to visit The Judge on Monday Crabby Mondays, where people can get their amazing Crab Cakes and Dip for only $14.

Address: 25 Augusta St, Hamilton, ON L8N 1P6, Canada

Phone: +1 905-524-5626

Website: thejudge.ca

6. Mosaic


Anyone looking for a relaxing night after a stressful workday should check out Mosaic Bar. The place has a wide variety of draught options of local craft beer, cocktails, and more. To-go beer and wine are also available for those who want something to take home or to a friend’s party. Mosaic also has a nice outdoor area to enjoy some beer on days when it’s not super chilly. For some draught beer inspired by the local community and traditions, you should definitely include Mosaic in your next local pub crawl!

Address: 431 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 2Y5, Canada

Phone: +1 289-700-2337

Website: mosaichamilton.ca

7. The Ship

The Ship

This local pub has appeared on our other lists, but it’s just worth another mention. The Ship has become an iconic image in the local bar scene. Located on 23 Augusta Street, it’s a local favorite for draft beers and great food. The Ship’s line of Lagers and cocktails are some of the best you’ll have in Hamilton. And pairing them up with their great starters or meals is just a great idea. 

The Ship also has wine on tap that is sourced from Vineland Estates, Niagra. Overall, their selections are priced very reasonably considering the top-notch quality The Ship provides.

Address: 23 Augusta St, Hamilton, ON L8N 1P2, Canada

Phone: +1 905-526-0792

Website: theship.ca

8. Brux House Craft Beer & Kitchen

Brux House Craft Beer & Kitchen

There are bars that happen to serve great food and restaurants that have awesome drinks. But at Brux House Craft Beer and Kitchen, it’s hard to tell which is which. That’s because the business does both so extremely well! The kitchen’s Spicy Short Rib Tagliatelle and Burgers, particularly are definite must-tries. And if you’re looking for some great craft beer, you should get a pint of their Cherriosity, Avling Pilsner, and TDH Dreamwork. Or why not a little of them all?!

Address: 137 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4A7, Canada

Phone: +1 905-527-2789

Website: bruxhouse.com

9. Sunny Corner Bar

Sunny Corner Bar

The Sunny Corner Bar is a little bar located close to Workers Arts and Heritage Centre. They have some of the tastiest sausages, sausage rolls, and pies in the area that go well with great beer and wine from their selection. They also have a bottle shop for those who are looking for a few bottles to bring home or to a social gathering.

Address: 302 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L3, Canada

Phone: +1 905-526-1313

Website: instagram.com/sunnycornerbar

10. The Well

The Well

Last but not least on this list is The Well, a restaurant and bar best known for its owner, John Ribson, who operates the bar. Ribson was born and raised in Hamilton, meaning he knows what makes Hamiltonians tick. He opened The Well back in December 2018 with the goal of bringing locals the best of “the good ol’ days” while introducing something new. There are two other locations now currently in the works as well.

Address: 161 Wellington St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 2A9, Canada

Phone: +1 905-522-0362  

Website: drinkatthewell.com

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