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The 10 Physiotherapy Clinics in Edmonton (Ranked)

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Are you located in Edmonton and looking for a physiotherapy clinic? Then this helpful list of the 10 best physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton is just what you need.

Physiotherapists are medical professionals who help their clients through chronic conditions, injury, illness, or disability by means of therapy, exercise, consulting, and education. It’s physiotherapists’ jobs to help you get back on your feet after a debilitating injury or work with you to get rid of chronic pain in joints, muscles, and so on.

Are you looking for a Physiotherapist to help you through your recovery journey? Please take a look at our top picks.

1. Integral Physiotherapy & Sports ClinicIntegral Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

Situated right in downtown Edmonton is Integral Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic. Their doors are open to anyone looking for customized physical therapy treatment programs for people recovering from an injury. They also have services available for those with chronic pain and those who are tired of daily pain affecting their quality of life. 

The clinic offers physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS). They also offer alternative therapies, like spinal decompression and shockwave therapy.

Address: #100, 10575 115 Street Edmonton, AB T5H 3K4

Phone: +1 587-401-2371


2. Lakewood Physiotherapy

Lakewood Physiotherapy

Lakewood Physiotherapy believes in treating its patients with integrity and compassion. Their main goal is to improve a patient’s symptoms and then improve their overall quality of life. 

Whether you need treatment for ongoing neck pain, back pain, joint pain, or shoulder pain, Lakewood Physiotherapy has a treatment plan that will ease your discomfort. Lakewood Physiotherapy also offers alternative therapies like pelvic floor therapy and cupping therapy. 

Education is also an important part of treatment at Lakewood Physiotherapy, where the team helps patients understand the triggers and underlying factors of their pain.

Address: 9129 35 Ave, #205 Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5Y1

Phone: +1 780-760-4370


3. Dynamic Physiotherapy and Wellness

Dynamic Physiotherapy and Wellness

Dynamic Physiotherapy and Wellness works with patients of all ages in diagnosing chronic pain and treating injuries. In addition to providing rehabilitative services to injured patients, the clinic also focuses on sports performance and wellness. With sports physiotherapy, patients can learn how to prevent recurring injuries. 

Preventative care is also a priority at Dynamic Physiotherapy and Wellness with alternative treatment options like shockwave therapy and laser therapy. Shockwave therapy helps patients with conditions like Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Dynamic Physiotherapy and Wellness also offers chiropractic care and acupuncture services.

Address: #204, 505 Queen Street Spruce Grove, Edmonton AB T7X 2V2

Phone: +1 780-962-0724


4. Optimize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Optimize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Optimize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic aims to help patients with injuries and optimize athletes’ performance. The physiotherapists make an effort to connect with patients on a personal level, helping them discover their ideal treatment and optimization plans. 

They offer a wide range of services, including massage therapy, chiropractic care, sports therapy, performance training, and even recovery from a workplace injury. They also assist with nutrition services because they believe in an integrative approach to recovery and optimization. Optimize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic also offers online therapy sessions.

Address: 17317 105 Ave Edmonton, AB T5S 1H2

Phone: +1 780-455-5068


5. Proactive Physiotherapy

Proactive Physiotherapy

Proactive Physiotherapy in Edmonton includes a team of highly-experienced physiotherapists for conditions like back pain, hip and knee pain, arthritis, and fractures. They also help with conditions like dizziness and pre and post-natal pain. 

Proactive Physiotherapy aims not only to improve symptoms of an injury but also to improve daily activities of living. The clinic creates thorough treatment plans for each patient based on their unique needs and desires. The team uses the latest technologies to assist with recovery in treatments like physiotherapy, massage therapy, exercise therapy, and custom orthotics. 

The team also has concussion management for patients who have suffered head trauma in a sports injury or car accident.


South Edmonton: #104 4222 Gateway Blvd NW Edmonton AB T6J 7K1

West Edmonton: 20162 Lessard Rd NW Edmonton, AB T6M 0T9


South Edmonton: +1 780-851-3207

West Edmonton: +1 780-851-3208


6. InStep Physical Therapy

InStep Physical Therapy

InStep Physical Therapy in downtown Edmonton focuses on massage therapy, shockwave therapy, orthopedic and sports care, and pediatric therapy. The team also treats pelvic floor dysfunction and neurological services.  

Patients who want to learn more about preventative or follow-up care can also attend one of the workshops at InStep Physical Therapy. They frequently host both online and in-person workshops that cover topics like health tips and pelvic floor exercises. 

Virtual therapy available at InStep Physical Therapy can help potential patients learn more about the services and decide if they want to schedule a hands-on in-person appointment. The experienced staff at InStep Physical Therapy is dedicated to a comprehensive, team treatment plan that considers all needs of the patient.

Address: 10667 113 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3H6

Phone: +1 780-900-6445


7. Freedom Physical Therapy

Freedom Physical Therapy

At Freedom Physical Therapy, the physical therapists focus on getting rid of and preventing pain from occurring. They believe in educating the patient so they can gain independence over their bodies. 

The team also focuses on a wellness approach, which integrates prevention into each treatment option. Just a few of the treatments available at Freedom Physical Therapy include physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and sports physiotherapy. 

The team works hard to get you back to doing what you love most, whether that is running, walking, or just holding your grandchildren.

Address: 2623 Ellwood Dr SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0P7

Phone: +1 587-715-0966


8. South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab

South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab

The comprehensive treatments available at South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab encompass a complete approach. The clinic has a special program called Physitrack, which allows patients to meet one-on-one with their therapist from the comfort of their own home. 

South Edmonton believes in a comprehensive approach that includes services like massage therapy, intramuscular stimulation, shockwave treatment, and spinal manipulation. They also offer alternative therapy options like acupuncture. Patients come to this physical therapy clinic to treat a wide variety of conditions, including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff injuries, and plantar fasciitis. 

Patients can also feel good about working with South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab because they choose a new local charitable organization each quarter to fund.

Address: 3010 106 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 5M5

Phone: +1 780-438-0001


9. Rutherford Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Rutherford Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or a sports injury, the Rutherford Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic is a great place to check out. Patients here have access to physical therapists, occupational therapists, orthoptists, and massage therapists. Each team member also works together to ensure the complete care of each patient. This clinic offers the type of physiotherapy Edmont patients need.

Rutherford offers services like manual therapy and shockwave therapy. They also have a whole program for sports rehabilitation, which sometimes includes massage therapy. The chronic pain team works with patients with ongoing conditions to improve their overall quality of life. Patients with vertigo also often find relief at Rutherford Physical therapy.

Address: 11472 17 Avenue SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 2S5

Phone: +1 780-435-8887


10. TAWA Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic

TAWA Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic

TAWA Physical Therapy & Sport Injury Clinic is a newly-renovated 3,000 square-foot clinic. It offers the high-quality physiotherapy Edmont residents are looking for. The rehabilitative team is made up of surgeons, physicians, and healthcare professionals, all focused on holistic and proactive healing. The clinic offers a variety of services, including physical therapy, massage therapy, dry needling, and acupuncture. 

For people who live far from Edmonton, the clinic also offers telehealth physiotherapy services. Patients can visit with their physiotherapist on Zoom for one-on-one coaching and therapy.

Address: Suite 220, 6203-28th Ave Edmonton, AB

Phone: +1 780-450-0720


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