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The 10 Best Things to Do When in Mississauga (Ranked)

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Mississauga sits at the edge of Lake Ontario and is a few kilometers from Toronto. While an excellent location for water-based activities, this city has many places to experience. Below are the ten best things to do in Mississauga.

We’ve put together a list of the best places, hiking trails, and unique things to do when you’re in Mississauga. Here are some of the fun things to do with family, friends, or on your own in the city!

1. Jack Darling Memorial Park

Jack Darling Memorial Park

If you’re spending a few days in Mississauga, you’ll be grateful to stop by this suburban oasis. Jack Darling Memorial Park sits around Lakeshore Drive with ample parking and two kids’ parks. 

You’ll also find a dog park, dirt, and asphalt trails, including world-class amenities to make you feel at home. The park is incredibly huge, so you’d be grateful for the abundant oak, ash, and willow trees that provide lots of shade to rest. 

Additionally, you can take in the spectacular view of the Toronto skyline in the distance, including the renowned CN Tower. However, you’d be prudent to bring insect repellant because the horse flies give painful, itchy bites. 

The free parking is a plus, and while there’s lots of swimming, there isn’t a professional guard on standby. Overall, an excellent place to be and arguably one of the best things to do in Mississauga in summer.

2. Lakefront Promenade Park

Lakefront Promenade Park

Lakefront Promenade Park is located at Mississauga’s eastern border. The waterfront park has top-notch facilities, including a kiddies playground, beach volleyball amenities, splash pad, marina, and boardwalk. 

The park is unique for its scenic beauty and an excellent place to kick back your legs and relax. Birdwatchers are welcome, and the Lakefront offers acres of space for biking and walking.

More importantly, the park is a child’s dream brought to life with a fantastic playground that is heads and shoulders above any in the GTA. In sum, Lakefront Promenade Park is an excellent establishment with something for everyone.

3. Kariya Park

Kariya Park

Kariya Park is in the urban center of Mississauga and is named for Kariya – a sister city in Japan. Unsurprisingly, the park has an oriental theme and is one of the few places you can find famous cherry blossoms. It isn’t the largest park in the city – it takes 10 minutes to explore, but it’s beautiful, clean, and well maintained. 

The tiny ponds and magnolia trees enhance its aesthetic appeal. It’s worth mentioning the park is off-limits to pets and can be crowded during peak hours. The large brass bell at the Zen Garden entrance is an excellent place for a selfie shot!

4. Erindale Park

Erindale Park

Erindale Park takes the honors as the largest park in the Mississauga area. The 222-acre park has many scenic trails suitable for hiking, hundreds of trees, and picnic tables that stretch as far as the eyes can see. 

You can fish in the Credit River, and the park offers lots of space for hiking. Moreover, the public washrooms are clean and well maintained. If you like to barbeque as a group or hang out with friends, this is the place to do it. 

Parking is free, and you can enjoy a nice quiet walk by the river or wade into the water to catch fat salmon during fall.

5. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

The Rattray Marsh Conservation Area is one of the rarest ecosystems in Canada. It is the last waterfront marsh in the Ontario area. The well maintained-trails allow visitors to observe the marsh flora and fauna. 

The park features numerous guided and private tour options, so you don’t lose your way. But you can explore the region independently. Birdwatchers from many parts of the country throng here to study the multiple bird species, including Spotted Sandpipers, Wood Warblers, and Eastern Kingbirds. 

You can also look for the many foxes, beavers, amphibians, and reptiles that call the marsh home. Pro tip: You can park free at the Jack Darling Memorial entrance.

6. Lake Aquitaine Park

Lake Aquitaine Park

Lake Aquitaine is an artificial stormwater reservoir that collects run-off water from the region, ensuring the water quality is in excellent condition before flowing into the Credit River. 

You can find various fishes in the lake, including crappie, perch, smallmouth bass, rock bass, and largemouth bass. Besides the lake, the park also features scenic picnic areas and a splash pad most kids will love.

The best time to visit is in the early mornings when most seats and benches are empty. The park is a venue for many city programs and can crowd quickly during peak hours. However, the public washrooms are clean, and the many trails provide exciting jogging and biking opportunities.

7. Art Gallery of Mississauga

Art Gallery of Mississauga

The Art Gallery of Mississauga is a non-profit, public gallery within City Hall. The Gallery is small but hosts numerous events and exhibitions all year round. Admission is free, and you can stumble upon some masterful art pieces by the local Mississauga artists. Some featured artists include:

  • Dainesha Nugent-Palache
  • Kim-Lee Kho
  • Soka Lazara
  • Cat Marchese
  • Janice Reid

The Gallery isn’t the most accessible place to find, considering the size. But the public art makes the find worth it. You’d be better off visiting on the weekends when the parking is free. When considering things to do in Mississauga, the art gallery is an underrated treasure.

8. Port Credit Memorial Park

Port Credit Memorial Park

Port Credit Memorial Park is renowned for hosting festivals throughout the year, and for a good reason. For one, the park is a decent size, clean, and has lots of green space to go strolling. 

It’s the perfect place to unwind, and it’s not unusual to see numerous walkers and joggers at different times of the day. You won’t find a splash pad here, but there are excellent fishing spots, and you can snag a massive trout if you’re lucky! 

Food truck vendors take over the area during the weekends, and you can savor the culinary delights at your leisure.

9. Bradley Museum

Bradley Museum

Bradley Museum nestles at the Lake Ontario edge, and the entire two acres is a wealth of historical information that shows how the early settlers lived before the forming of Mississauga. 

It’s an excellent destination for a school trip with a historical significance that underscores its value. The serene environment is ideal for a leisurely walk or drive. 

You should visit in the fall for the best experience. Moreover, the staff provides a guided tour of the four-building complex. 

There are many activities for kids to enjoy on special days throughout the year. Overall, the museum is peaceful and charming, providing memories that will last for a lifetime.  

10. Adamson Estate

Adamson Estate

The Adamson Estate is a great place to experience local history. It’s a public park renowned for its cultural heritage, having been recognized in 1978 as a Historic Place. 

The property was originally 300 acres when the Crown gave Joseph Cawthra the land in 1805, but 13.2 acres is all that remains of this once great estate after the City of Mississauga purchased the land in 1971. 

Today, the estate is an excellent backdrop for wedding photos and ideal for a romantic walk or picnic. Bird watchers can stop by to observe Caroline Wren, including other bird species in the area. 

The waterfront trail provides a fantastic hiking experience. You’re sure to run into a few couples and families enjoying the scenery while having a picnic.

Other Notable Favourites

  • Benares Historic House
  • Mississauga Celebration Square
  • Culham Trail
  • Riverwood Conservancy
  • Mullet Creek Park
  • Frank McKechnie Tennis Courts
  • The Rec Room
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