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The 10 Best Garage Door Repair Companies in Edmonton

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Needing repairs on your garage door can quickly become a headache for any homeowner to deal with on their own. But not to worry, plenty of garage door repair companies can help take care of anything you might need.

If you need garage door replacement or installation of a new door, finding someone to install or repair your garage doors is a crucial part of the whole process. While there might be a way to do this yourself, getting a professional to take care of your garage door project will provide more safety and convenience. Keep reading to find the best companies that make Edmonton Garage Door Repairs. 

1. C&W Canada Garage Doors

C&W Canada Garage Doors

C&W Canada Garage Doors is a family-owned business that offers garage door repairs and installations. The staff is friendly and very communicative with each customer and will answer any question you might have. 

Upon request, they provide you with quotes quickly with competitive prices. If you are unsure which route you need to take for repairs, the staff will explain what problem you may have and their possible solutions.

Their experienced technicians will provide you with the best service in less time than expected, usually same-day repairs. Their website also provides some useful tips for you to try yourself.

Phone: +1 780-266-1248


2. River City Doors

River City Doors

River City Doors is another family-owned business in Edmonton. They provide service in Edmonton and surrounding cities in Alberta. They are equipped to come rain or shine to help you with your repairs.

River City Doors will provide quotes quickly and without visiting your property beforehand. 

They help with all garage door repairs and replacement needs in a very quick and efficient manner. River City Doors has a warehouse and showroom readily available and stocked with every spare part and tool needed for any job. Along with their competitive prices, they also have same-day delivery available to customers.

Phone: +1 587-855-2213


3. Kangaroo Garage Doors Edmonton

Kangaroo Garage Doors Edmonton

Kangaroo Garage Doors give service to the greater Edmonton area with repair crews in both north and south Edmonton, allowing for short wait times on repairs. Unlike other repair companies, they know how to efficiently fix older model garage doors.

Along with repairs, they also give maintenance and programming services. Everything is done with same-day service to all commercial and residential customers. They give free estimates for all new garage door installations.

Kangaroo Garage Doors understands that garages are not only used for cars and will provide you with service that will match your home’s needs.

Phone: +1 780-885-5457


4. Abe’s Door Service Ltd

Abe’s Door Service Ltd

Abe’s Door Service stands out from their competitors with their bright red trucks and 24-hour service. No matter the day or time, they will be there to provide professional service and fix your garage door within a couple of hours. 

They provide free Zoom consultations before giving a quote. They also have an online shop that provides homeowners with anything they might need to make a quick fix on their own. In their online shop, you will also find prices for garage door service packages.

Abe’s Door Service has also helped remove and put back garage door hardware for homeowners doing a garage remodel.

Phone: +1 780-462-8754


5. Creative Door of Edmonton

Creative Door of Edmonton

Creative Door provides service to the greater Edmonton with Canada’s largest selection of garage doors and overhead doors. They have been in business for almost five decades with their supplies, installs, services, and repairs. 

They give their customers only the best possible service under their high standards and top-notch products. Their high standards also come with their advanced safety practices in every job they do. The Creative Door team works to develop relationships with every customer to make sure each gets the service they need.

They have been recognized as a multi-year recipient of the Consumer Choice Awards and as the International Dealer of the Year by the International Door Association.

Phone: +1 866-340-0828


6. Door Pro

Door Pro

Door Pro is a small repair company with excellent reviews to go along with their excellent workmanship. They provide fast and professional customer service. They give fair quotes to their customers, and when the work turns out to be more than expected, they don’t charge more.

They will work around your schedule and come to your property quickly after receiving a call from you and promptly finish the repairs. Door Pro will also inform you about what is wrong and how they will repair it.

Their website shows multiple pictures and updates on previous jobs they have completed. It shows a wide array of projects done.

Phone: +1 780-278-0780


7. Garage Door Repair Edmonton Ltd

Garage Door Repair Edmonton Ltd

At Garage Door Repair Edmonton, they have a highly trained team of experts prepared to help you. They continually invest in new tools and technology to keep us up-to-date with their business and repairs, so you know you are getting the best.

They will provide you with same-day service in the case of emergencies. You can also schedule garage door installations and garage door openers to be installed with them. 

Garage Door Repair Edmonton has great, affordable prices for the quality of work and customer service they are giving.

Phone: +1 587-410-4072


8. Iceberg Overhead Doors

Iceberg Overhead Doors

Iceberg Overhead Doors specialize in all garage door services for commercial and residential needs. No matter how big or small the problem, they will pay attention to detail and make sure to get the job done quickly.

They are a family-owned and operated company with excellent workmanship. They have great, affordable prices, giving you quotes quickly after calling.

They are available to call 24 hours a day to help you with any services you need. Repairs are done quickly and on time by a well-trained professional.

Phone: +1 780-394-0223


9. Starpro Doors

Starpro Doors

Starpro Doors is a newer company that provides repairs and upgrades to garage doors in Edmonton but don’t count them out. They have everything listed on their website, from the services to the single products they sell.

They have extensive experience in repairing and installing their garage doors. They pay extra attention to making their garage doors designed to keep out the cold Canadian winters and warm summers. 

After filling out a repair request on their website, they will promptly call you with a quote and times to make an appointment.

Phone: +1 780-710-3826


10. Jackson & James Overhead Door

Jackson & James Overhead Door

Jackson & James is a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience providing repairs, overhead door services, maintenance, and installations on residential garage doors. They will provide you with excellent and professional customer service.

Their website has various maintenance packages that will provide extra protection with their continual maintenance. Which, in the end, will save you hundreds of dollars on expensive emergency service repairs.

The staff at Jackson & James will give you the best information possible when helping you.

Phone: +1 780-466-6678



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