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The 10 Best Criminal Lawyers in Ottawa

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Have you been wanting to get the best criminal lawyer in Ottawa? Search no more as you are on the most appropriate website. Whether you were involved in a crime or not, it’s in your rights and best interests to get the best criminal defense in a court of law. 

Dealing with the criminal justice system and criminal offence cases can be a life-altering event. That said, you’ll want an experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side through the ordeal. Fortunately, there are many criminal lawyers who do a great job in Ottawa and the surrounding area of Eastern Ontario.

The best criminal defence attorney services begin as soon as you’re apprehended and charged. These include working to secure bail and then creating a solid defense strategy that keeps you out of custody.

If you desire to walk free and avoid a criminal record, it’s always advisable to look for legal options to prove your innocence. But that is only possible with assistance from the listed 10 best criminal defence lawyers in Ottawa, including; 

1. Céline Dostaler, Criminal Defense Attorney

Céline Dostaler, Criminal Defense Attorney

You can approach Celine Dostlaer for any criminal charge involving assault, drug offenses, search, seizure, or weapons possession. Celine also has expertise and experience with sexual crimes, homicide, fraud, young offenders, and white-collar crime.

From the onset, Celine Dostaler fights to bail you or your loved one out of jail and, if your charge isn’t bail-able, to have you exonerated. Her stellar track record speaks of clients’ charges getting withdrawn, dropped, or weakened in the eyes of a jury.

Address: 200 Elgin St, Suite 901 Ottawa ON K2P 1L5

Phone: +1 613-863-8595


2. David Anber of David Anber’s Law Office

David Anber of David Anber's Law Office

David Anber isthe senior lawyer for his law office in Ottawa and renowned for seeing clients charged with serious crimes getting off by focusing on their cases throughout the legal process.

After an arrest for DUI of drugs or alcohol, violence, or other criminal offenses, talk to David Anber. He accepts legal aid cases after you’ve qualified a thorough review.

Address: 150 Metcalfe St Suite 2300, Ottawa, ON K2P 1P1, Canada

Phone: +1 613-755-4008


3. Michael Johnston of Shore Johnston Hyslop Day LLP

Michael Johnston of Shore Johnston Hyslop Day LLP

Michael Johnston is highly recommendable in handling criminal cases. Past clients relate how this attorney handled their criminal defense with positive outcomes.

Michael Johnston offers discounted fees and accepting legal aid clients in Ontario. As a member of Justice Net, he’s multilingual, fluent in Spanish and English, with conversational French for open communication. 

Michael’s initial consultation is free, and he defends all types of criminal offenses, including DUIs and drug charges.

Address: 200 Elgin Street, Suite 800 Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1L5

Phone: +1 613-233-7747


4. Michael Edelson of Edelson Law

Michael Edelson of Edelson Law

Michael heads Edelson Law Barristers and is incredibly well-versed in criminal trials and appeals. You can ask him to represent you during regulatory or police investigations, offering priceless legal opinion and advice. 

Michael’s firm provides a broad range of criminal defense services with a free initial consultation online, on the phone, or at 200 Elgin Street Suite 600.

Address: 200 Elgin St Suite 600, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L5, Canada

Phone: +1 613-237-2290


5. Howard Krongold of Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Howard Krongold of Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP

Howard Krongold believes in protecting every client’s rights against personal-vendetta prosecutions and delivers arguments to justify that.

As a trial lawyer, Howard Krongold has undertaken the defense of over 80 criminal appeals as a certified criminal law specialist. He’s especially adept at finding cracks in witness testimonies and dismantling the prosecution’s case, and an initial meeting won’t cost you a penny.

Address: 116 Lisgar Street, Suite 200 Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2

Phone: +1 613-235-9779


6. Nikolas J. Lust, Criminal Defense Attorney

Nikolas J. Lust, Criminal Defense Attorney

Nikolas Lust is renowned for guiding clients through the entire legal process, enabling you to make the right decisions to help your case.

The approachable, interpersonal and flexible Nikolas J Lust primarily focuses on DUIs, sexual crimes, drug trafficking, and domestic violence. During the criminal defense process, Nikolas provides frequent updates and regularly meets so that you’re on the same page.

Address: 200 Cooper Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada K2P 0G1

Phone: +1 613-233-2542


7. Bruce Engel of Bruce Engel & Associates

Bruce Engel of Bruce Engel & Associates

The firm of Bruce Engel and Associates has 20 years of experience representing clients and is a Defense Counsel Association of Ottawa member. 

With hundreds of past clients singing his praise, Bruce Engel has delivered positive outcomes in various high-profile criminal cases. His firm focuses exclusively on criminal defense law, and they’re savvy at all stages from arrest, investigation, charging, and prosecution of clients. 

Available 24 hours a day, Bruce’s expertise lies in money laundering, fraud, sexual crimes, and impaired driving.

Address: 116 Lisgar Street, Suite 210 Ottawa, Ontario, K2p 0c2 Canada

Phone: +1 613-235-6324 


8. Brett McGarry, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Brett McGarry, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Brett McGarry uses the full knowledge of the law to make fact-based decisions as part of your criminal defense strategy. Expect to have your options well represented, and his communications are concise and transparent every step of the way.

Brett’s attention to detail allows him to explore every possible angle, a technique he employs to offer a solid criminal defense. In addition, Brett will provide a free half-hour consultation to address all your legal concerns and answer questions when you call.

Address: 16 Lisgar St Suite 300, Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2, Canada

Phone: +1 613-884-8576


9. Solomon Friedman of Friedman Mansour LLP

Solomon Friedman of Friedman Mansour LLP

If you thought there’s no way you’ll afford the best legal defense for your criminal case, Solomon Friedman is a recommendable legal partner to walk with. 

Solomon Friedman offers affordable criminal defense, utilizing innovative legal defense techniques regardless of financial status. He has taken cases to the Ontario court of appeal and the Canadian Supreme Court and writes for the National Post and Montreal Gazette. 

A panelist at Legal Aid Ontario’s Extremely Serious Criminal Matters, Solomon is available for free and 24-hour emergency consultations.

Address: Friedman Mansour, LLP 200 Elgin Street, Suite #403

Phone: +1 613-223-4089


10. Kruse Law, Criminal and DUI attorneys

Kruse Law, Criminal and DUI attorneys

One of Ottawa’s top criminal defense law firms is Kruse law, a team of three partners and various associates specializing in criminal and DUI offenses. These lawyers believe every criminal charge is fightable and that no client should ever take a verdict lying down.

Kruse law offers comprehensive defenses for drugs, white-collar and sex crimes with expertise in other areas besides traffic offenses. TThese best criminal lawyers in Ottawa won’t compromise for lighter sentences but instead, focus on outrightly winning your trial.

Phone: 1-800-699-0806



It’s breathtaking when charged with a criminal offense, especially if you’re not guilty. But before that’s proven, you need the guidance and assistance of the best criminal lawyer in Ottawa from start to finish. Their hard work, professionalism, and diligence will help you achieve the best possible outcome by proving your innocence.


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