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The Top 10 Best Roofers in Vancouver [2024 Rankings]

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Do you need minor repairs or maintenance on your roof? Or, do you need professional help with a more drastic roof replacement after countless years of use? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about a few top picks for the best roofers in Vancouver in this article.

If you’re looking for a Vancouver roofing company to create residential roofing for your home, business, or facility, you will not run out of options. There are many reliable providers that serve the Greater Vancouver area and neighboring regions in British Columbia. So if you’re looking for roofing contractors, here are some companies you should definitely check out!

1. Absolute Roofing Solutions 

Absolute Roofing Solutions 

Absolute Roofing Solutions excel in residential and commercial roofing replacement, repairs, and maintenance. Additionally, their skilled, experienced, and reliable professionals can care for clogged gutters and moss accumulation.

Absolute Roofing Solutions helps with skylight installation and chimney repair. They take preventative measures to ensure that you won’t experience leaks or other problems later. 

Absolute Roofing Solutions works with shingled, cedar, and flat roofs. They also tackle multi-family properties, going to great lengths to ensure that each client has the best customer service. Their knowledgeable, honest, and responsible employees have been certified by CertainTeed’s ShingleMaster training. 

Address: 1676 75th Ave W., Vancouver, BC V6P 6G2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-263-0334


2. Komo Roofing

Komo Roofing

Komo Roofing works with asphalt and cedar roofs, offering various roofing maintenance packages to clients. They are a trusted company, utilizing fundamental practices that ensure all clients will be satisfied by their quality work. Their professional services put the client first and want you to have a beautiful home.

Komo Roofing will be there every step, answering questions and providing feedback. They want to understand you and your lifestyle before making the right choice regarding your roof. Their representatives walk you through the installation process. Komo Roofing stays updated with roofing protocols and hires only the best to make the roof repairs. 

Address: 1917 W. 4th Ave #118, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7, Canada

Phone: +1 778-888-0449


3. All-Star Roofing 

All-Star Roofing

All-Star Roofing works with commercial and residential clients, offering their roofing services to anyone who needs roof maintenance. Their professionals are also available for emergency services and inspections to fix minor problems before they become an issue. 

Furthermore, All-Star Roofing is available for restoration, repair, and addressing minor roofing problems. Their team has decades of experience, unbeatable service, and excellent craftsmanship, making them one of the leaders in the roofing industry. 

Address: 422 Richards St. Unit 170, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4, Canada

Phone: +1 778-951-4600


4. Cooper Roofing

Cooper Roofing

Cooper Roofing works with commercial and residential homes, providing services that make them a continuous top pick. Cooper Roofing is highly accredited and rated, trusted by people who need repairs. Their professionals can build new roofs from scratch, providing quality workmanship and experience for total roof replacements. 

They can also make repairs to dipping, buckling, or damaged roofs. Cooper Roofing has top-level credentials that display vast knowledge in roofing. Liability and insurance cover the crew in case of injury or property damage. A worker assesses and inspects your home before giving you a proposal.

Address: 600-1285 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8, Canada

Phone: +1 604-305-0154


5. Millwall Roofing 

Millwall Roofing

Millwall Roofing handles roofing maintenance in residential and commercial fields. A few of their services include waterproofing roofs and repairing metal, flat, and sloped roofs. They also can take care of roofs constructed with slate, asphalt shingles, cedar, and sheet metal. 

Their team consists of qualified professionals to meet the property owner’s needs. Millwall Roofing understands that roofs depend on personal budget and taste alongside the climate and surroundings. Darrell Macdonald created Millwall Roofing, intending to provide better service in the industry, and has more than ten years of experience in roofing.

Address: 2090 W. 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1J5, Canada

Phone: +1 604-763-1930 


6. All Coast Roofing

All Coast Roofing

All Coast Roofing gives a free estimate to anyone interested in repairs. They’re available for emergency roof repairs, gutter installation, cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, and solar panel installation. They guarantee high-quality services with a commitment to safety. They answer questions with vast knowledge of the industry. 

All Coast Roofing has over 20 years of experience with excellent customer service ensuring complete satisfaction. Their employees go through continuous skill and education improvements, so you get the best products and ideas. They can handle any job regardless of size.

Address: 3478 Pandora St., Vancouver, BC V5K 1W8, Canada

Phone: +1 778-229-0250


7. North Vancouver Roofing

North Vancouver Roofing

North Vancouver Roofing provides experienced repair contractors for inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Their crew makes complete reinstallations, too, handling the roofing problem quickly while ensuring quality that lasts a lifetime. 

North Vancouver employs experts with professional experience, protected with insurance while they complete your project. They can handle new roofs, re-roofing, residential, commercial, multi-family, and new construction. North Vancouver has good value and dedicated service that will help you avoid years of hassle.

Address: 420 3rd St. E., North Vancouver, BC V7L 1G2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-757-0443 


8. Max Roofing 

Max Roofing

Max Roofing is family-owned and operated. Their qualified staff and high-quality roof installation make them a trusted roof contractor in this area. Max Roofing commits to providing satisfaction for all its residential and commercial clients. They assist with completing a roof repair, replacement, or repairing emergency leaks. 

They can tackle solar panels and skylights too. They are a one-stop shop, complete with warranties and honest pricing. Max Roofing uses environmentally friendly materials, and they have more than a decade’s worth of experience, established in 2008. 

Address: 2922 E. Kent Avenue, South Vancouver, BC V5S 4T4, Canada

Phone: +1 604-706-1775


9. Fraserview Roofing and Renovation

Fraserview Roofing and Renovation

Fraserview Roofing brings you the highest quality roofing and renovation services at affordable rates. Their staff is professional and experienced, giving you free estimates before starting a job. Fraserview Roofing has insured, highly skilled contractors who provide for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. 

Their combined decades of experience make them ideal for any sized project. They handle roof inspection, replacement, installation, and repair. So, regardless if you need a qualified skillset to take care of a roof repair or renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, give Fraserview a call.

Address: 5907 Culloden St., Vancouver, BC V5W 3S3, Canada

Phone: +1 604-897-3614


10. Lockhart Roofing Ltd. 

Lockhart Roofing Ltd. 

Lockhart Roofing has twenty-plus years of experience in roofing and provides a 10-year warranty for all customers. It’s essential to protect yourself and your home with a quality roof, and their fully incorporated and insured services can help you achieve that goal. Their most common services involve sloped roofing with asphalt fiberglass shingles. 

Lockhart Roofing is a reputable roofing company, working with residential homes and offering lower prices. They value safety and will address any concerns or damage. Their experience in various repairs makes them a great choice if you’re considering roof repairs.

Address: 121 15th St. W., North Vancouver, BC V7M 1R8, Canada 

Phone: +1 604-314-5544


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