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The 10 Best Employment Agencies in Brampton [Updated]

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Are you looking for a job or new employees? Brampton, Ontario, offers many opportunities, though it may still feel harder to know where to go. To fix that problem, consider visiting one of the ten best employment agencies in Brampton to get you a step closer to your dream job! 

A staffing agency is there to help their clients find qualified candidates, refine job descriptions, maintain temporary flexible services, and other recruitment and team management tasks. They’re the perfect solution for companies looking for the right people for the right job. The same goes for employers who are looking for entry-level skilled jobs or other work opportunities.

Working with a recruitment agency is a great idea for anyone in the market for either employment or employers. So if you need recruiters and staffing agencies, we’ve got a list of the best employment agencies that Brampton has to offer.

1. AppleOne 


Whether you’re looking for a part-time or temporary position with growth potential, AppleOne is one of the excellent full-service employment agencies in Brampton. AppleOne believes in people and doing its best to connect people with jobs that honor their talents and passions. 

Expect fast and sturdy communication between you and an AppleOne associate; like you, they want the best for you and are eager to connect with you about job openings relevant to your experiences and skills. At AppleOne in Brampton, you can gain access to jobs and opportunities you couldn’t find anyplace else. 

Address: 40 Peel Centre Dr. Unit 105, Brampton, ON L6T 4B4

Phone: +1 905-453-8000


2. Vertical Staffing Resources

Vertical Staffing Resources

Vertical Staffing Resources has excelled by providing jobs for those in the industrial, clerical, professional, IT, engineering, construction, executive, and medical fields for the past 45 years. Discover your potential in an environment where they pay attention to your experiences and interests to track down the positions most aligned with your passions and skills. 

Vertical Staffing is an inclusive working environment, ready to get anyone and everyone closer to obtaining that dream job in the position that is perfect for them to grow and thrive.

Address: 1 Gateway Blvd Suite 305, Brampton, ON L6T 0G3

Phone: +1 855-967-9675


3. Liberty Staffing Services 

Liberty Staffing Services 

Liberty Staffing Services has been matching employers and employees for twenty years, becoming well-revered and well-known for their impressive dedication to job seekers and hiring departments. You can trust that you’ll get paired with the perfect fit, with the opportunity to grow further in your field. 

Find temporary to permanent positions through satisfying customer service. If you’re in the hiring department, you’ll receive advice that allows you to take the onboarding process to the next level. Explore the three fields- industrial, warehouse, and office so Liberty Staffing can find the perfect job or help you find the ideal employee! 

Address: 1 Bartley Bull Pkwy Suite 11, Brampton, ON L6W 3T7

Phone: +1 905-799-8586


4. Goldline Staffing Access Career Solutions 

Goldline Staffing Access Career Solutions 

If you’re out searching for your first job, Goldline Staffing can help ease some of your job hunt frustrations. They can help you determine your career opportunities and lifestyle goals as you become acclimated to the new exciting job world. 

Dedicated professionals’ support will make you feel more optimistic about the horizons ahead. Likewise, as someone looking to build up your staff, you can trust Goldline Staffing to provide the strong candidates you’re looking for.

Address: 1785 Queen St E d, Brampton, ON L6T 4S3

Phone: +1 905-494-0002


5. H&H Employment Services

H&H Employment Services

H&H Employment Services are well versed in personnel management and employment resources, so they can provide whatever you need for whatever side of the hunt you’re on. 

Find various jobs flexible for your lifestyle; whether you’re looking to change your whole career or make a little extra dough, there are part-time, full-time, and temporary jobs. Are you seeking to hold a different job than your usual interests? Check out entry-level positions to learn something new. 

Take a chance on bakery work, working in an assembly, general labor, office work, and more if you’re looking to deviate from your norm! 

Address: 4515 Ebenezer Rd #212, Brampton, ON L6P 2K7

Phone: +1 905-794-2060


6. PIVOTAL Temporary Staffing – Brampton

Pivotal Solution is a unique staffing solution, going beyond the typical responsibilities of an employment industry. The company has over 40 years of experience in employment outsourcing and has become a go-to for temporary staffing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The company offers permanent part-time and full-time roles, and can take care of human resource services and payroll management.

Pivotal Solution also doesn’t shy away from growth as they dedicate themselves to their hiring and interview processes to ensure all parties are satisfied with the executions and outcomes of interviews and hiring. 

Address: 2 County Ct Blvd Suite 305, Brampton, ON L6W 3W8, Canada

Phone: +1 289-562-0201


7. Fast Employment Services 

Fast Employment Services 

Fast Employment Services is just what the name promises-fast! During this time, they never sacrifice quality in their efforts to evaluate the best potential workers for you and your company. Safety is one of the largest contingents; all employees are well-experienced and certified to work in the field, so you can rest easy. 

As a job hunter, feel consoled when Fast Employment Services can open multiple doors for you to explore by matching your skills and talents to hiring companies. Find your fit in shipping, inventory, food and beverage, forklift, manufacturing, drivers, welding, and many other diverse fields! 

Address: 2250 Bovaird Dr. E Suite 405, Brampton, ON L6R 3J5

Phone: +1 905-320-0654


8. Elite Staffing Solutions 

Elite Staffing Solutions 

Elite Staffing Solutions has delivered staffing solutions for 20 years. Their mission has always been to provide services that eliminate staffing needs; they work hard to ensure every candidate will succeed and thrive in the companies they’re placed in. 

Elite Staffing Solutions is flexible and ready to provide you with the candidates you need as soon as possible. Professionals work hard to ensure companies are satisfied with their staff and work on maintaining that satisfaction for lifelong relationships. 

Address: 170 Robert Speck Pkwy # 202 Mississauga, ON L4Z 3G1

Phone: +1 905-803-8045


9. MG Employment Services 

MG Employment Services 

MG Employment services is a strong provider of opportunities and candidates for either end of the job-hunting business. MG has always had the primary goal of helping newcomers find jobs that represent who they are and their hard work. 

MG also strives to provide as much information as they can on potential new workers; MG performs not only interviews but crosschecks references and finds reviews on candidates looking to start working at your company. 

Address: 33 Donomore Drive, Brampton, ON L7A0S7 ON

Phone: +1 289-952-9299


10. HR Craft 

HR Craft 

HR Craft is another strong option for employment agencies in Brampton. They offer no-fee consultations for job hunters and hiring departments to set up plans for the talent they’re looking for. They believe in taking on most of the onboarding process to set you up for success.

The company prides itself on a fast turnaround time for staffing solutions if you are in a situation where you urgently need a position filled. HR Craft also offers an Employee Rewards program for job seekers and opportunities that offer weekly payments.

Address: 4905 Dundas St W, Etobicoke, ON M9A 1B2

Phone: +1 647-342-7238



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