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Our 10 Best Tattoo Shops in Ottawa [2024 Rankings]

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Getting a new tattoo, or maybe your very first tattoo is an exhilarating experience. But it’s also a very important decision. Apart from getting one of the more talented tattoo artists in the area, you need to be sure that you’re getting a custom artwork that you’ll like for a very long time. There are also other concerns, such as health and safety, tattoo machine quality, and so on. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a sleeve or a small tattoo. You want a tattoo veteran who you can trust to get the job done well.

Knowing what tattoo shop and artist to trust can be difficult. Ottawa has a vibrant tattoo industry for sure and many of the artists participate in Canadian international tattoo conventions. Narrowing your options down is daunting. Still, there are many tattoo parlours, international artists, and shops that ink enthusiasts can turn to for quality tattoos. And many of these artists provide a wide range of tattoo styles that will fit your personality and preference best.

Check out our list of the best tattoo shops in Ottawa!

1. New Moon Tattoo

New Moon Tattoo

New Moon Tattoo is one of the best and most popular tattoo shops in Ottawa, thanks to its friendly and talented artists and accessible location. 

The shop has been in business since 1982 and has an immense and impressive portfolio of work from all artists. 

Dan Allaston, a pioneer in the tattoo world, began the shop with the mission to create a space for everyone to express themselves through this ancient type of artistry. 

Address: 2920 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 7J7, Canada

Phone: +1 613-596-1790


2. Free World Tattoo

Free World Tattoo

The staff at Free World Tattoo are professional and extremely knowledgeable. They know everything there is to know about tattoos and piercings! Free World Tattoo is ready to guide you through the entire process from conception to design to execution to aftercare. 

People love the shop because of its intense commitment to health, safety, and cleanliness. They also follow up with every tattoo to ensure the healing process is going well and that you’re happy with the results.

Address: 439 Churchill Ave N, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5E1, Canada

Phone: +1 613-238-2059


3. Silverline Tattoo and Body Piercing

Silverline Tattoo and Body Piercing

Silverline Tattoo shop specializes in contemporary and unique tattoos, but the artists also have the range to accomplish various aesthetics from traditional American to Asian styles. 

There are only three artists on staff, and the shop is small. Many clients appreciate the personal and cozy atmosphere of the building, which mimics the amicable and relaxed attitude of the staff. 

Address: 152 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5X6, Canada

Phone: +1 613-231-5110


4. Living Colour Tattoo Studio

Living Colour Tattoo Studio

Living Colour is known as a clean and welcoming tattoo shop in Ottawa. They can do all types of tattoos and piercings, but people in the area love their long list of flash tattoos for the moments when you want a spontaneous new piece. 

Living Colour has a large team that wants to make every client feel their best when they walk out with their fresh ink. 

Owner Kathy McGuire opened the shop more than 30 years ago, intending to provide a friendly and laid-back tattoo environment where no tattoo was too small or big!

Address: 212 McArthur Ave., Ottawa, ON K1L 6P5, Canada

Phone: +1 613-241-4961


5. Liquid Impact Tattoos

Liquid Impact Tattoos

Liquid Impact Tattoos is a fantastic studio for someone that wants intricate and large ink. It’s very clean, and the staff are friendly and care about each client that comes through the door. 

Their willingness to work with you on a design until you’re happy can be a hard quality to find, as some tattoo artists don’t want to go through that journey with you. But whether it’s your first tattoo or you’re completing a full sleeve, they’re ready to help you. 

Address: 376 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6J6, Canada

Phone: +1 613-695-3455

Website: Liquid Impact Tattoos

6. Knux Studio

Knux Studio

At Knux Studio, they’re always prepared to give past clients touch-ups so you can love your tattoo forever and ever. They love walk-ins, appointments, and return clients, welcoming all who want to put some art on their skin. 

Not every tattoo shop in Ottawa is willing to do a tattoo at a moment’s notice or accept every client. But Knux is different and aims to give everyone the beautiful skin they’ve dreamed of.

Address: 135 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5N7, Canada

Phone: +1 613-565-5666

Website: Knus Studio

7. Blue Blood Custom Tattoos

Blue Blood Custom Tattoos

Blue Blood Custom Tattoos is one of the best tattoo shops in Ottawa for extraordinary and unique pieces. They pride themselves on taking on unexpected projects and stepping outside of the box to try new techniques and styles. Nothing is too strange for them!

They only do custom tattoos, no flashes or basic ink, as they want to maintain their unique reputation. They tattoo every person with integrity and care, making it easy to trust them.

Address: 1255 Coldrey Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7P6, Canada

Phone: +1 613-728-7272


8. Otherside Tattoo

People that have gotten tattoos at the Otherside Tattoo shop say it’s one of the best tattoo experiences they’ve ever had. 

The artists are not only friendly, but they make the process enjoyable by making conversation and fostering a super relaxed environment. 

Plus, they have some of the best prices in Ottawa, making it the perfect place for someone with a smaller budget. It’s the ideal shop for someone that knows what they want and can pinpoint a specific style. 

Address: 561 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 5P2, Canada

Phone: +1 613-569-4545

Website: Otherside Tattoos 

9. InkSession


People in Ottawa love InkSession because it’s clean and chic. There are several tattoo artists to choose from, all of who specialize in specific styles, so you know they’re a pro at what they’re putting on your body. 

Customers also report that they’re very efficient and flexible when scheduling appointments and designing tattoos. So even if you don’t know exactly what you want, they’re happy to build a tattoo with you. 

Address: 149 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5X4, Canada

Phone: +1 613-745-3000


10. Railbender Tattoo Studio

Railbender Tattoo Studio

Railbender is a small and modern shop with just three dedicated tattoo artists. They have won awards for their tattoos and creative projects, exemplifying their skills. 

If you want something different and a tattoo artist that will experiment with different styles and aesthetics, this shop is one of the best tattoo shops in Ottawa. 

They have a strong clientele that returns for tattoo after tattoo because of how amazing they are. They’re extremely sought after for botanical tattoos as they have immense experience in this area. 

Address: 3 Hamilton Ave N, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1B4, Canada

Phone: +1 613-725-6061



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