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Top 10 Gutter Cleaning Services in Vancouver [2024 Rankings]

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It’s that time of year again—time to clean out your gutters! If you’re looking for a fast, affordable, and reliable gutter cleaning service in Vancouver, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gutter cleaning services in Vancouver to help you decide.

If you have clogged gutters or a gutter system that needs cleaning, it might be helpful to get a gutter cleaning company to take care of the job for you. Sure, anyone can clean a gutter, but hiring professional gutter cleaners or a crew helps ensure quality as these people often do a great job of gutter-system clearing. That said, the gutter cleaning cost will be justifiable, especially if you get a team to work all hands on deck on your project.

Read on to learn more about the best gutter cleaning services in Vancouver.

1. AdelCo Home Services, Inc.

AdelCo Home Services, Inc.

AdelCo provides environmentally-friendly gutter cleaning services to the greater Vancouver area. Their rates are competitive and their customer service has been rated top-quality by many satisfied returning clients. They have been certified by numerous property owners.

The company employs only the most knowledgeable and highly skilled gutter cleaning experts and provides ongoing training and support to all their team members to ensure the quality of service. They ensure that all their technicians are up-to-date on the latest techniques and tools of the trade.

Address: 1979 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3G2, Canada

Phone: +1888-789-6222


2. Matt’s Home Services

Matt’s Home Services

Matt’s Home Services has been providing gutter cleaning services to North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, and Barnaby for over 15 years. They have rave reviews from clients, many of whom state that even gutters that had never been cleaned looked brand new after service from this company.

Matt and his team provide fast, affordable service at your convenience. Matt’s 15 years of experience mean that he knows all the ins and outs of the trade, and hires only the most reputable, skilled, and professional technicians to represent his company.

Address: 2508-1255 Bidwell Vancouver, BC V6G2K8, CA

Phone: +1 604-722-5916


3. Gutter-Vac Home Services

Gutter-Vac Home Services

Gutter-Vac has been building a reputation as one of the top gutter cleaning service providers in Vancouver since 2010. They use only high-tech, cutting-edge vacuum tools that make the job of cleaning your gutter fast and efficient. Compared to the hand-cleaning methods employed by most other companies, Gutter-Vac eclipses them when it comes to speed.

The technicians at Gutter-Vac are carefully selected and rigorously trained to use the company’s specialized equipment. They can work in any conditions, wet or dry. In the past, the company has dealt with sand, sludge, leaves, and standing water with ease.

Address: 3416 Oak St #202, Vancouver, BC V6H 2L8, Canada

Phone: +1 778-814-8380


4. Green Grads Window and Gutter Cleaning

Green Grads Window and Gutter Cleaning

Green Grads opened its doors in 2006 and has been providing stellar gutter cleaning services to the people of Vancouver ever since. They offer gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and pressure washing services. Their All-Star gutter cleaning package, which includes a full maintenance check and hand-emptying of all dirt and debris found comes highly recommended.

Green Grads prides itself on delivering convenient and efficient service. They can work by appointment even when homeowners are not at home, and bill electronically for services provided. The company has recently expanded into Barnaby, Surrey, and Richmond to provide more high-quality service to the people of those communities. 

Address: 3381 Cambie St #657, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R3, Canada

Phone: +1 778-984-7237


5. 604 Gutter Cleaning and Repair

604 Gutter Cleaning and Repair

604 Gutter Cleaning and Repair, so named because they primarily serve the 604 area code, prides themselves on the highly personal touch that their company provides. Employing only a handful of technicians means that the company does fewer jobs, but does them better. The company can personally guarantee the work of each of its technicians.

604 specializes in residential gutter cleaning and understands the ins and outs of providing service to homeowners and property managers. In addition to gutter cleaning, they offer moss removal, house washing, window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter repair.

Address: 2055 Commercial Dr #255, Vancouver, BC V5N 0C7, Canada

Phone: +1 604-488-8377


6. Men in Kilts Vancouver

Men in Kilts Vancouver

No, it’s not a Canadian remake of Mel Brooks’ iconic comedy about Robin Hood and his merry men! Men in Kilts is one of Canada’s largest gutter cleaning services. The company’s domain stretches from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia. It is known for providing excellent service to both homeowners and businesses.

The company uses HD cameras for thorough gutter inspection before beginning any job. The service includes a rigorous walkthrough and job outline, which is submitted to the client for approval before any work is begun. The company employs only highly skilled and well-trained technicians.

Address: 8866 Laurel St #8, Vancouver, BC V6P 3V8, Canada

Phone: +1 604-638-6996


7. Vancouver Home Maintenance

Vancouver Home Maintenance

Vancouver Home Maintenance doesn’t just provide gutter cleaning services. They provide a wide range of home maintenance services, including power washing, siding cleaning, junk removal, roof repair and replacement, skylight installation, window cleaning and glazing, and gutter repair and installation.

Vancouver Home Maintenance is a large company, servicing the likes of McDonalds and Maple Leaf Storage. However, they pride themselves on providing a personal touch to the residential services they provide to homeowners. All of their jobs are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, and the company has a five-star rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Address: 2030 Marine Dr #437, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1V7, Canada

Phone: +1 844-380-7547


8. City View Systems, Inc.

City View Systems, Inc.

City View Systems, Inc. specializes in much more than just gutter cleaning. They offer ceramic tile cleaning, ceiling cleaning/dusting, lobby and entryway cleaning, pressure washing, elevator cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more. The company has served the greater Vancouver area since 2003.

They use high-powered vacuum pole equipment to vacuum out gutters, providing a faster and more efficient result than by-hand services. All of their technicians are thoroughly vetted and trained to use the company’s high-tech equipment safely and effectively.

Address: 473 East 54th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5X 1L3

Phone: +1 604-878-7282


9. Umbrella Property Services

Umbrella Property Services

Umbrella Property Services provides safe and sustainable gutter cleaning, as well as other services. They have been serving Vancouver’s Westside since 2008. Along with gutter cleaning, the company provides window cleaning, pressure washing, concrete cleaning, and painting services.

They give every potential customer a free, no-obligation quote, and guarantee their service with their Unbelievably Happy Guarantee. They employ only the best and most reliable technicians, who they train in-house to achieve their rigorous standard of customer care.

Address: 228 W 5th Ave #2, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1J4

Phone: +1 877-927-1041


10. Advantage Gutters

Advantage Gutters

Advantage Gutters is one of British Columbia’s largest gutter cleaning services. Their head office is in Langley, however, they proudly serve a wide area, from Vancouver, Richmond, Barnaby, and New Westminster to Shuswap and Sun Peaks.

Advantage Gutters provides residential and commercial gutter cleaning and installation. Testimonials from their many satisfied customers indicate that they offer fair, fast, and affordable service. Advantage Gutters appreciates that your home is your castle, and they strive to treat all their customers like royalty.

Address: 23018 24th Ave Langley, BC V2Z 2Z5

Phone: +1 604-924-6693


Final Thoughts

That’s it for our list of the top 10 gutter cleaning services in Vancouver! We hope you found this list useful. Whether you are looking to get your gutters cleaned right away, or simply shopping around for the best deal, one of the businesses on this list is sure to meet your needs.


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