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Sustainability Leadership to Honour Businesses that Have Worked Towards Sustainability

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Sustainable business models have become a more widespread idea over the past few years as entrepreneurs play their part in preserving people and the planet through business practices. Accordingly, an organization Hamilton looks to bring kudos to those businesses in the locality that have committed to more sustainable practices as a way to encourage more entrepreneurs and business owners to follow suit. 

The business community from the city of Hamilton joins other Canadian cities, namely Halton and Niagra in this effort to honor businesses that deploy sustainable practices. The pinnacle of this effort will be an awards ceremony to be held in Burlington. The event will be the 10th Annual Sustainability Leadership Awards and will happen at the Royal Botanical Gardens. This event looks to celebrate sustainable progress and achievements from local small to large enterprises.

At the helm of the program is an organization called Sustainability Leadership, a group that hopes to inspire more businesses to embrace a sustainable form of leadership. The organization works mainly through the Golden Horseshoe area. 

By running initiatives like the Sustainability Leadership Awards, the group hopes to support local businesses that choose to take on more sustainable strategies while promoting sustainability to other businesses. They also hope to advocate sustainability by showing more members of the business and general community the benefits of sustainable practices to the community.

Sustainability Leadership will also highlight outstanding businesses through an award ceremony that will honour a handful of the most notable sustainable businesses and business leaders. Some of the awards include the best social, economic, and environmental initiatives. There will also be an award for the best sustainability report.

As part of the program, Sustainability Leadership will also present its 2021 annual impact report to attendees. The event will also have a networking and cocktail hour and a keynote address from UFRICE Manager Meaghan Davis with the City of Toronto.

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